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[Arashi] ARASHI LIVE TOUR 2015 Japonism - Q&As - Ohno
Here's Ohno's part! Only one more to go.

ARASHI LIVE TOUR 2015 Japonism - Q&As
Aiba | Jun | Nino | Ohno | Sho

ARASHI LIVE TOUR 2015 Japonism - Q&As - Ohno

Q1. When would you think to yourself, "I'm glad I was born as a Japanese person"? At what times do you notice the nice things about Japan, or the fact that you're Japanese?

A. There's a lot of craftsmen here. I think it's amazing how they each keep honing their own craft and perfecting it. I get to meet all sorts of craftsmen through things like "Wakuwaku gakkou" and "Arashi ni Shiyagare", you see. That's when I really get that feeling. Other than that, same goes for samurais... they have certain behaviours that a lot of Japanese people still have, don't you think? (laugh) And those samurai hairstyles, it make you wonder how they ended up looking that way. Or their kimonos... they can't possibly put those on alone. I think it's really fascinating.

Q2. Which particular era are you interested in with regards to Japan's history and traditions?

A. Ah... what would it be? Maybe the Edo period... and I like the Shinsengumi too. Edo was really peaceful, right? That was why (Ito) Jakuchu was able to keep on painting. I'm just interested in how the townspeople lived their lives, and what sorts of things they did. I'm sure there were different trends at the time too, and I wonder what sort of things happened back then. I definitely want to see for myself. As for the Shinsengumi, I researched them because I played a role for a stageplay before. I wouldn't want to go back to the Bakumatsu period (laugh), but I'm interested in it. I think it's incredible when I see the books and whatnot left behind from that period, or the swords too... I get excited when I see those swords. Probably because I did some sword fights for my stageplays. The actual swords are really, really heavy. It's absolutely impossible to do that kind of clashing swords thing you always see. Which is why it's so thrilling to imagine what a fight with real swords must have been like.

Q3. Please tell us about sceneries in Japan that you particularly like or have left an impression on you.

A. Maybe my grandma's place. I remember seeing brined pickles at my grandma's place for the first time ever and thinking "Man, that smells" (laugh). Who came up with brined pickles anyway? I think it's amazing that they came up with it (laugh). I remember my grandma's old place. It was just that sort of wooden, ordinary-looking little house. It brings back memories, and it really had that vintage Showa feel to it.

Q4. What does "Arashi-izm = Arashi-like" mean to you?

A. Man.. wouldn't that be the fact that we have fun with everything we do? We've never really said "We can't do this" to anything before, and we've always given all kinds of different things a try (laugh). So even now, with the calendar we did... doing that sort of thing is completely normal to all of us. I mean, we've put stockings on our heads, we've worn T-shirts with nipple holes in them... compared to those, it feels like we're actually being serious with this! (laugh) Or rather, there's a sense of nostalgia with it too.

Q5. Please express "Japonism" in the form of a type of scent.

A. Um, I guess the scent of tea. Like the scent of tea leaves, something like that? When I was a kid, I used to walk through the shopping districts and the teahouse always had that smell... though I didn't think it was all that nice of a smell at the time. You don't really eat a lot of Japanese confectionary as a kid, right? Even though you might want to eat them now... I think my impression of it is something along those lines. It has a vintage "smell of Showa" feel to it, I guess.

Q6. Including the cover to "Yarisugichatta Japonism Calendar 2016", which shot was your favourite out of a total of 13 shots? And if you were to recommend one type of goods from this tour, what would it be?

A. For me... I like the March shot. Isn't it really natural-looking? Though... the situation and composition weren't natural at all (laugh). But we were trying to convey the scene of an ordinary family from the Showa period. And Sho-kun looks really funny in it (laugh). Everyone has a different expression on their face, but it all comes together.

And with the goods this time, the palette is nice, isn't it? There's a lot of colours in it, but they're not too flashy, and there's a sense of balance... I like this kind of palette. If I had to pick one... maybe the "drawstring pouch". I like that sort of design.


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i like how Riida is pinpoints specific details such as the craftspeople, the works of Jakuchu, and the Showa inspirations to the photograph. i think, out of all the members, Riida is the one who embodies Japan most of all. perhaps it is his calmness and quiet contemplation. thanks for sharing the translation of his interview!

He makes me want to get the pouch. Been contemplating between that and the bag. *sighs*

Tea makes perfect sense I love it! Thanks!

Oh! Hisashiburi!! It's been a while!!

THanks for translating and sharing!! This looks interesting.. i've read Ochan's first.. i'll read the other members in my free time.. lol..

I think Arashi are kind of unbeatable in doing crazy things :D yeah!! THe things the directors let them do when they were young!! Gah!! Poor kids!! Now they r fearless men.. -almost-!

I like how Ochan's answers were series and detailed..


Surprisingly Ohchan's answers are so relevant. Love his answers! *maybe a little bias* lol. Thank you! :)

yeah, I very agree with you. I didn't think that he could ever thought like that. unexpected answers: his grandmother's place, his foreknowledge.
I like all of his answers.

Idols are hardworking too. He's quiet and spaces out sometimes but he probably thinks a lot too. Yup, I love all his answers. Very relevant and interesting =D
Thx for your thoughts =)

Thank you so much for translating ^_^

I love how specific Captain answered his questions. I've been rewatching recent AniShi eps and I thought that Ohno must be enjoying his segment and reading his answer for no. 1, he probably really does!

Thanks for translating!

Owh... I love all Ohno's answer which based on his experience in variety program, stageplay...He also make some research for his stageplay. Ohno is a hardworking person actually despite he look lazy,sleepy...

I also like the scent of tea leaves because of the nature smell. And he also talk about some art. Sasuga Ohno ^_^

Riida gave such interesting and refreshing answers.. Even his gradma's house.. Such warm answers.. Sasuga Riida!!

Thank you! Loved reading this!

I got the drawstring pouch! : )

I enjoyed reading Riida's answers. He is so genuine.

Thank you for translating and sharing!

Happy New Year to all : )

Thank you for translating

Ohno was really serious huh? Relating the questions to all the things he'd done before. Thanks for the translation!

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