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[Arashi] Potato - Nino x Aiba - 07/1998
This crosstalk is really old but it was simply too cute not to translate. Read on to find out what they bicker about, a rare display of monetary generosity from Nino, and more!

Potato - Nino x Aiba - 07/1998

That guy on my mind

No matter what sort of challenge you're tackling, there are times when you end up discovering a part of yourself that you never noticed before and achieve results you otherwise wouldn't have if you hadn't been competing with someone else. Having rivals is an essential part of your own personal growth. It seems that after costarring in a stageplay last year, Ninomiya-kun and Aiba-kun have spent a lot of their time together both during work and in private. So what's the sort of thing that might spark some sense of rivalry between them?

Ninomiya: We played video games together again today, didn't we? That baseball one. But he's way too weak, this guy.
Aiba: That's because you always pick a strong team! You would've been the loser if I picked that team first!
Ninomiya: You sure talk big. You're saying that now but you lose to me a lot, don't you?
Aiba: ......... (ignores)
Ninomiya: See, you go silent when somebody tells you the truth. I won at another game we were playing a while ago too.
Aiba: It's not because of me, it's because you chose the strong character. I would've won if I used that instead!
Ninomiya: Well, I suppose so (wry laugh). But that game is really exciting, isn't it?
Aiba: Yup, we're always playing that game whenever we have a little bit of time.
Ninomiya: Yeah! We're gaming buddies. Ah, that reminds me. I went and watched "Shinjuku Shounen Tanteidan" in theater the other day. I even paid with my own money.
Aiba: So how was it?
Ninomiya: It wasn't too bad.
Aiba: Oh no, you're being so offhanded about it (laugh).
Ninomiya: No, it's just embarrassing to talk about it in front of somebody who's in it. But I went to watch it because you're in it. If it was anybody else I wouldn't have gone so far as to actually pay to see it.
Aiba: Well thanks for that. By the way, Nino, you're gonna be in another two hour drama?
Ninomiya: Probably. It's with TBS again. Dramas are interesting and I learn a lot from them, but I don't have any experience when it comes to drama series. You did "Bokura no yuuki" last year, Aiba-kun; was it really tough after all?
Aiba: A lot of the filming start early in the morning. That was the only hard part about it. As for the rest of it, the other actors were all fun people to be around with so it wasn't tough. Oh, and it was cold during outdoor shoots.
Ninomiya: The outdoor shoots for my new year drama "Amagoe" were really tough too. I was wearing grass sandals and almost thought my feet were going to freeze.
Aiba: You cut your hair and worked really hard, didn't you Nino? That's not something anyone can do.
Ninomiya: I guess so. I didn't mind that at all. How about this, I'll get some advice from you when I get a role in a drama series! And in return I'll teach you how to make your back flips look fancier.
Aiba: We did so much acrobats when we were in Hawaii a while ago, didn't we? But then I fell on my hands and sprained my right wrist (laugh). It hurt for two or three days after.
Ninomiya: Well I ended up hitting my head (laugh). But it was Aiba-kun who learned how to do backflips first.
Aiba: I haven't done much of that in a while, so now it's kind of sloppy when I do it.
Ninomiya: Then I'll take full responsibility and help train you until our summer concerts, Aiba-kun.
Aiba: Well, I'll be giving you advice when you get a drama series role so I'm counting on you!


Thank you thank you!!!!! <33333 These favourite of mine! You're right they're so cutes!!!

Thank you for translating this! It's really interesting to read their old interviews.

thank you for this.

haha.. they don't changed much. I can imagine when Nino said "But he's way too weak, this guy".

(Deleted comment)
Thanks for this!
Aimiya, bickering forever and always.
Aiba, you must be proud that you've once given advice to one of the best actors of Japan today! :D

Thank you. This is really cute. Love Aimiya friendship!

Very cute indeed  *-*
Thanks for sharing !!

Waaaah! They're so cuuute!!!
Thank you!

so adorable ;;A;; thank you for translating~

Some things never change. NinoAi bff-ery is a prime example. I can still see them arguing like this, and even fifty years from now I am sure they'll stay the same. /sniffs

“But I went to watch it because you're in it. If it was anybody else I wouldn't have gone so far as to actually pay to see it.”

AH GOSH MY HEART! And coming from the infamously stingy Kazunari asdfghjkl

Thank you for translating! :D

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lol I was about to quote that <3

this is too cute. hahaha ninoai is 😘

These two together are too cute even when bickering lol
Thanks for sharing!

Thank you~~ 💚💛
They're so cute, cute and cuuute XD

So cuteee.. thank you for sharing :)

Thank youuu.. My favorite pair.. :)


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