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[Arashi] TV Life - Arashi ni Shiyagare inside scoop - 2/13-26/2016 (Aiba)
I have to head off to bed soon so I was only able to translate this one first-- Nino's director also talked about his segment but I'll try and get that done tomorrow.

In the meantime, read on for all the praise for Aiba from the director in charge of his segment on Arashi ni Shiyagare!

TV Life - Arashi ni Shiyagare inside scoop - 2/13-26/2016 (Aiba)

Arashi ni Shiyagare's Directors in Charge Speak Out!
The inside scoop on each members' location shoots - PART 1

We've sought out the directors in charge of their outdoor shoots because they're always able to observe the members at a close distance! This time around, we heard some insider stories about Aiba-chan and Nino during their shoots!

Aiba Masaki's Delegate Investigations!

Director: Nasu Daisuke

To us, Aiba-san has a charismatic presence

It's a concept in which he's representing the general public who are unable to take time out of their lives to do their own investigations, and it's more like "he'll try hard to find a solution" rather than "he will solve this problem". It's usually pointless things that ordinary people wouldn't try to investigate, like riding a roller coaster with summer mikans during an investigation to see how summer mikans can become sweeter (laugh), but I think there's always things to discover each time. Aiba-san is very active and able to adapt easily to whatever is needed so I feel like he suits this sort of project very well. We have a lot of room to work with within the general framework of each concept; even though "Aiba Japan" ceased to be a form of investigation somewhere along the way, I feel like it's okay to deviate as long as it's interesting (laugh).

The themes for each investigation come from viewer submissions and all of our staff look through them first before deciding on a general basis. A part of it comes from a desire to involve our viewers, so we want to make use of those submissions and succeed at them. However, it can be scary. Like how we had a request to find a time capsule, but we weren't able to find it in the end. That's scary for the creators. We were like, how on earth are we going to turn this into a VTR? But even though we weren't sure how it was going to turn out and we were very uneasy about it, it was also kind of fun to be on edge together without knowing how things would go. The only thing we could do during "Can you draw Baikin-man with germs?" was pray that it would work, after all (laugh). With "Aiba Japan", first of all it was a lot of work to find sports which we might have a shot at winning. And it wasn't just about the big showdown, we wanted to make the team member recruitment exciting as well. Aiba Japan's members end up being really tight-knit, every single time. Irregardless of winning or losing, they become very unified. Within all these people who are very skilled at one thing or other, you have Aiba-san - who one might call the most "ordinary" of the group - being the team captain. But no matter what sort of members are in the group, he's able to get them to open up very quickly and become the heart of the team. It's not that he has excellent leadership skills or that he's particularly friendly, yet he just naturally takes on the role of the captain within these gatherings of all these people who are skilled craftsmen in their own ways. Being able to become the central point around whom everyone gathers before we all knew it is something Aiba-san is able to do precisely because it's him, I think.

The location shoot that left the deepest impression on me would be the hole digging showdown with Aiba Japan. It aired in October but the filming took place in the middle of summer. Everyone present at the scene were really animated and moved by the way he was practically digging for his life. Aiba Japan always starts off half-joking at first, but once they get going it seems like they become serious about wanting to win, and it always turns into something touching by the end. Perhaps a huge part of that is due to the fact that Aiba-san is at the heart of it all.

Aiba-san remembers all of the staff by name. After the location shoot for "Arashi Ryokan" which aired on New Year Day, everyone shared the leftover drinks and reflected on the past year together. Then, the topic shifted to one of the ADs who had been transferred to another TV program. Aiba-san asked, "How is that person doing now? Let's get in touch with them!" and then used my cellphone to talk to them, asking things like "Are you working hard?". That person was extremely happy about it too. He really does pay close attention to the staff and would say things to us, such as "You're always running around carrying those heavy things". To us, Aiba-san has a charismatic presence. And because we know that Aiba-san is paying attention to us, all of us are very proactive about our work as a result. I feel like the staff for "Delegate Investigations" is like a team in itself, another Aiba Japan where we are under Captain Aiba's lead.

In terms of our future objectives, above all else I would like Aiba Japan to win something. Once they notch a win, it would be nice if we can form a new Aiba Japan with Aiba-san as the captain that can help out viewers with their problems. They have a can stacking competition coming up on February 20th (tentative), and we're talking about how we want to go all out for the win. Aside from that, I would like us to find one of those time capsules since we have quite a few time capsule requests from our viewers. We weren't able to find any a while ago and Aiba-san was frustrated about it too, so I hope we will be able to actually find one someday.


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Aiba is such a sweet person :) Thank you for this!

I really enjoyed the interview. Aiba is a wonderful person indeed^^
Thanks for sharing

ahhh Aiba is genuine person <33
Thank you for sharing this!

Thanks for sharing...
Aiba is a people's person after is really amazing he can remember all staff names even the one who already got transferred..

Cant wait for nino's part..

Thanks for the translation. He's such a sweetie.

He such have a good memory! Although he might be the most ordinary member, he is also a baka, a nice and sweet guy and somehow super clumsy in a good way

He remembers all the staff by name! Awww~ And he even called one who was transferred away? <3 I really love how he sounds so kind and normal. I mean, I guess it makes sense; if you work with someone several times a week, you're bound to develop some sort of friendship with them, especially if your work involves digging ditches and riding roller coasters and all the other random stuff they do on AniShi. So I guess it's very natural for Aiba to want to give that guy a call. It warms my heart, because he's just so nice in such a small normal way ^.^

Also loved how the director reveals that they were uneasy about whether or not some segments would be interesting enough for a VTR! I mean... honestly speaking, some of the stuff sounds pretty pointless and boring when you read the synposis, but somehow, when you actually give it a chance and watch it, you can easily get infected by Aiba's enthusiasm and his obvious eagerness to make the show more interesting, no matter what lame tricks he must resort to (LOL)!

You are awesome for translating this! :))
Hope you had a good night's sleep :)

Thank you! This reminds of that Shiyagare ep where they pranked Aiba countless times and he didn't even throw a minor tantrum. (Although I am curious to find out what would make him punch cushions at home...)

Thank you for sharing and translating~~
aww aiba-san is so sweet ^^
this behind the scene story really make me see another Aiba's charm again...

can't wait to see another Aiba Japan episode ><
and hope they really find the time capsule, it will be interesting and touching I bet xD

Aiba-chan's so sweet <3 They always have nice things to say about him.
Thanks for the translations.

<333333333 Our Aiba is such an angel and an all around sunshine!!! Thanks so much!!!

thank you so much for this translation - I love reading the behind-the-scenes stuff, especially for Shiyagare. Aiba is such a sweetheart <3

Thank you for translating!! The interview was really interesting to read :3

I think most of us here went through the transition from the old to new format for Shiyagare so it's interesting to see what the directors have to say about how they choose which requests to fulfill and how they try to have more audience involment :3

(And of course hearing about our precious boys from a 3rd party is always fun :3 )

Thanks for the translation ! It's an interesting point of vue : )

Thanks for the translation, it's a very sweet side of Aiba from someone else's viewpoint.

This was a wonderful read. Thank you so much for the translation! It's so nice to hear what the staff and directors have to say about our boys. :)

he is so loved and he deserve it so much ;;;A;;; ahhhh thank you for this!

I love reading praises towards Arashi especially when it comes from directors, staff the guys have worked with! Thank you for translating this and sharing it with us. ♥︎

Finished reading the article! Awww Aibaaa ♡ I've always been a huge admirer of Aiba's tenacity and resilience. Personally, as a viewer of Aiba's segment in Shiyagare, I'm always a bit worried about the outcome of their investigation because it always seems like there's no definite solution at hand...but seeing Aiba work hard towards a solution is always entertaining to watch - and I don't mean this condescendingly. Aiba's always fun to watch because Aiba knows how to have fun while working hard - and I think that translates to the viewers.

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Thank you for translating. Aiba-chan is really a sweet and kind guy! Can't wait for next AibaJAPAN: will he ever be able to win?

Thanks for all your hard work translating this. The directors words were really sweet.

Thanks for translating! :)

I think that Aiba-san have chemical with the people, like a aura of warms and happies, also he is a very carismatic person, thank you for this :)I think that aiba san have chemical with the people, like an aura of warms and happier, also he is a very charismatic person, thank you for this :)

thank you for translating...

Thanks for sharing!
It's nice to see some behind the scenes stories :)

Thank you for your work on this and for sharing it.

I always found Aiba to be a very sweet guy and this confirms it.

That time capsule segment was fun to watch. The hole digging one was awesome to watch too because he was really going for it.

It's an interesting insight on his relationships with the staff/crew.

I'm looking forward to reading Nino's.

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I love this, thanks so much for the translation!! :D

thank you for sharing..i had fun reading about aiba..

lol, I don't think I'll ever get over that one episode where they dug up some other class' time capsule. XD Thanks for translating!

This is nice, too bad, only Nino and Aiba? Aaaa, I wanna know the other 3 too.

Aiba-chan sets the attitude, if youc are for someone, they will do it for you too (well, not always). Maybe he's really loved by everyone.
That is very rare, but I think we all understood it.

I wanna see Aiba Japan wins too, but seems difficult LOL

This is part one of the series which includes Aiba's and Nino's parts-- there will be more in future TV Life issues :)

Thanks for this one too. It's a really nice series. I look forward to the other 3 members' when they come out as well ! :)

Aiba is a very caring and passionate nice to hear the insight from the people he works with!

Thank you for sharing this! XD

Sasuga Aiba-chan! He's so sweet and everyone loves him <3
Thanks for translating and sharing!!

ah seriously i would love to get to know him personally just because of his wonderful personality ;_;

I have always notice how sweet Aiba is from the shows and interviews but to hear it from the director himself is nice. It's nice reading about him from someone that have been working closely with him. I hope Aiba-Japan can accomplish something big this year too!!

Thank you so much for translating!! ^__^

aiba chan has so much heart, thank you for translating!

Thank you so much for the translations. I read this and the same segment with Nino, and totally enjoy knowing what others perception of them, more importantly it comes from the person that closely work together with them so we could see deeper insight than we could see only on their shows. They are really a genuine person. However, is there any part for other members as well? Or is it only for Nino and Aiba?

Finding time capsule ne? It's quite hard if you don't ask the person who put the time capsule >.<) Aiba Japan is a good segment, I like outdoor Arashi ^.^)!
Thank you so much!

When I finished watching the time-capsule episode, I kept thinking what a strange VTR. It was unsuccessful and if this was an American tv show, this probabaly won't ever get aired. But they chose to showed it on Shiyagare and they will do it again in the future. That really says something. It works well being Aiba's segment, I think. Hope they would finally find one!

Thank you so much for the translation. This is really insightful.

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