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[Arashi] Arashigoto - Ninomiya Kazunari - 10,000 Word Interview - Part V
Looks like I made it in time with plenty to spare ^^ In honour of Nino's 23rd birthday, here's the next part of his 10,000 word interview from their Arashigoto photobook.



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Ninomiya Kazunari - 10,000 Word Interview

V. Arashi's Music, My Music

During the first two months after our debut, although my mindset had become more positive and enthusiastic, I had a bit of conflicting emotions with the music aspect. "Why can't we do things that way, even though it would clearly make things even better?" When we released our third single, I gradually began to understand: the music that I wanted to make was completely different from the direction that Arashi's music was heading. And the other members probably had more or less the same opinion in this aspect as well, because during our solo performances in our concerts, everyone would express a "let us do something that we like!" frame of mind.

To be honest, Arashi's music really has a lot of parts where we cannot develop freely according to our own will, but to be content with ourselves even under many different restrictions is also our style. "It's precisely because it's us that we can find pleasure in what we do" kind of feeling. That's probably very important too. If even we can't find the joy in what we do, then how can the fans do the same?

If you like the music, you can do as much or as little of it as you want. Take me for instance; I can compose music, sing my own solos during concerts, and I can go out by myself to sing too. Singing songs at the train station or on the street is also pretty interesting. And thinking as I sing, "If a girl hears me she'll probably stop in their tracks~", or "Even if it's a guy that hears he might also bear a good impression of me". I've also sung my solo song from our concert tour last summer twice on the street. I only made the decision to use it after seeing the reactions of people passing by.

Although I was singing my songs like that, I didn't reveal who I am at all. Because I would wear a hat and keep my head down as I sing. I began composing songs ever since the formation of Arashi, but I've never been recognized by anyone. Because I've always only looked at people's feet, I don't get nervous either. Compared to this, I care more about the fact that I'm doing something that I like, and that's the best of all.

But I never really thought about wanting those songs to be collected together and released as an album. Though I've done my own recordings, I don't want them to become merchandise. To those songs that have been brought to this world, they will only be happy once they are heard by other people, and I know that too. But right now, just seeing these songs come into being is already good enough for me.

During the production of DVDs for our concerts, I'm always requesting them, "Please don't include my solo in there", but it seems like that will not do. I don't like leaving marks behind. Because compared to being recorded down, I'd rather that memory be forever preserved in everyone's hearts... (laugh).

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nooo nino! how will your overseas fans ever hear them then!?

thank you so much it always makes me sssooooooo happy to see these ^^!!! Even though Nino says he'd rather not have his solo recorded I'm glad they're still on the dvd or else I wouldn't be able to hear them and they're all so nice ^^
Nino's so profound it always touches me ^^

Don't worry Nino, your compositions are always preserved in our hearts once we have heard it.

So he is a street performer too... how lovely. The unsuspecting people on the streets are his guinea pig for acceptance of his compositions.

Thankyou for the translation, Ames.

Me too, I'm glad he doesn't get his way! Nino's solos are some of my favorite Arashi moments (though there are many) and actually, I really would like to hear a solo album from him someday.

Nino's thoughts on his place in the group and his career in general confirm so much about what he's revealed over the years in his expression and body language alone, if not always in words. Thanks for continuing to translate the interviews, they're really interesting.

oh no...

nino so sweet!!!!

but I want to hear his solo too.

Nino is so if you ever hear a street performer sounding like Nino....look carefully!

Thanks for the translations.

He is such a passionate composer <29
haha how cute XDDD

mhen.. he's sentimental~ and that's very touching. i like his habit of singing on the streets (even though he's faced-down) just the thought of him (as a star) wanting to see people's reaction to his composition alone.. and for sure, even if he's not being recognized by that.. he's more than happy to see that his compostions can touched people's heart.

Nino is definetely a composer.

Thanks Ames for translating them! Superb!

It seems JE might control every other aspect regarding them being idols but they can't control one's personality. It doesn't stop Nino from having rights to compose, play and sing his own songs in public (even if it's through a disguise).

I can't believe he has done busking! That's very interesting to read because you never know that you could just be walking past him as he sings one of his latest creations.

"Konseki" has got to be one of the solos preserved in most hearts.

Thanks for the translations dearie.

wow... just imagine yourself going on a street and hearing neener's voice @_@ loool. but he forgot that not all fans can actually go to concerts... but I'm sure those who did hear him live have even better memories of his songs than those who just listen to ripped versions:/
thx sooooo much for all translations^^


I know! But it is just so interesting, he does that. Playing in the streets, laidback and everything, doing your thing. And this sentence: And thinking as I sing, "If a girl hears me she'll probably stop in their tracks~", or "Even if it's a guy that hears he might also bear a good impression of me". For some reason, I think it's heart-warming, sweet.

I think I just found another reason to rabu Nino :)

But dear Kazu, if you don't have your solos on DVDs or in any other official would we know you are a talented composer? I don't think I will want to search around Japan, looking for some small, hunch-back, wearing hat, looking face down guitarist in some street?

Again, maybe I will X)

hehe, well now I will search for him on the street if I'm in Japan :} but well... me in Japan is the hardest to do part XDD

So if you hear a familiar voice, stop and look around. It might be Nino.

Tell him his song is great (pretending you don't know it's him) then run off screaming.

Is all part of a fantasy :P

hehe... "oh young man... your song is really touching!!! haha here you go *giving him 100 yens XDDD*" lol... he would be suprised I guess XD

Haha :) Give Nino a namecard.

"Would you be interested in starting a singing career..?"


thank you for translating. it's good to know our boy's thots.

wow! (is immediately reminded of the infamous dance on the street as part of team Matsupi's challenge) -> he definitely looked embarassed there haha
i love reading nino's collection of thoughts, always honest and thank you for bringing it to us!

This is the sweetest thing I've read . He still do what he likes to do even JE controls them. He even performs in the streets.

Another reason to love Ninomiya- and hopefully, when I ever get the chance to go to Japan, we could jam together ^_^;

If even we can't find the joy in what we do, then how can the fans do the same?/i>

Oh, Neener, perfectly said! I love that he always thinks of his fans and his role (and responsibility?) to them. He values the opportunities he has now thanks to Arashi and never undermines his fans' feelings. I feel good knowing that everything Nino gives us he gives us freely, not just because it's the direction Arashi was given. ^__^A

My friend saw a someone who looked like Nino when she was in Japan, just two weeks ago. I wonder now...

Thanks for the translations! I just got hold of Arashigoto and understanding the interview makes it so much better. Looking forward to the next parts. =)

this is late but.. thanks soo much for translating.
This is my first time seeing this side of Nino <3 He's such a sweet boy >_<

okay, seriously, im going to marry his brain.

makes me sad that they're so controlled and that they don't really care for all that control. makes me wonder why he's still in it...or maybe i'm reading something into it that isn't there

thanks a lot! i had a peek of what nino is in real life.
he earned my respect with that wayof thinking.

at a young age he already had a sense of maturity, though not refined, still he tried not to cause trouble for anyone.
in this sense, i think we're the same.. thinking too much for the sake of others that sometimes we end up distancing ourselves from them.

a few people understand it, that being pessismistic is sometimes healthy, because you tend to appreciate the good thing more since you weren't expecting for it..
like in nino's case. he was having doubts at the time they debuted and had his focus only on going to America, but when they [arashi] got the time to talk he surprisingly felt happy because not all johnny's jr. get to be on the point where he is, so from then on he understood that he needed to pull himself together and start loving his work.

i love that he finds contentment in singing on the street and passersby being oblivious towards him.
looking only at their feet.. thinking if it''ll stop, pause or continue walking...
( i also read somewhere that he went to a place where no one knows who he is so that he can perform magic and amaze the people )

lastly, i love what he said towards the end (not including his solos).. i interpreted it as though memories for him should retain in someone's heart not in some dvd collection, because it somehow lost its significance if one gets to rewind and play it again. i think he sees it as a one time opportuniy, a one time deal that only those who were there with him can truly say that his performance was special and nothing can ever amount to the experience.

i'm loving nino more cause of this ^^,)v ~arigatou

Thanks a lot for sharing this.
I've learnt a lot about Nino, and confirm many of the things I thought about him. :)
By te way, may I add you as friend?

Saw the date and realized it's been six years since you translated this. Nonetheless still thank you for translating all parts!

ninoooooooooooooo ^_____________________^)

"If a girl hears me she'll probably stop in their tracks~" --> true neen, that is so true.

he's changed ^ ^ reading this part is so uplifting, he's gone more positive ^ ^ thanks to riida, sho-kun, J, aiba-chan, and arashi *group hug again*

and so glad the staffs didn't listen to him, otherwise how could we ever hear yume, konseki, gimmick game, himitsu, and all of his solos? *pinch nino's cheek*

"I don't like leaving marks behind. Because compared to being recorded down, I'd rather that memory be forever preserved in everyone's hearts..." --> but if you don't record and release it, or at least sing it in your radio show, how come it will be a memory in our hearts? if we never had a chance to hear it? >.<

thank you again for finishin nino entries, i can't stop thinking inside that bratty image of him there's a very kind-honest-sentimental-reflective nino... ^ ^

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