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[Arashi & NEWS] anan - Cross talk (Nino x Pi) - 10/2006
Haven't translated anything lately, so I thought I'd toss out something quick and short before I go home for the weekend. This is the talk between Nino and Yamapi from the October issue of anan. It's pretty cute, so I hope you enjoyed reading :3

Feel free to leave comments or whatever!


anan - Cross talk - 10/2006
Ninomiya Kazunari x Yamashita Tomohisa

Nino: I can still remember the first time I saw Yamapi. You couldn't perform because of a bone fracture, yet you especially came to watch the filming for the show. This is a really conscientious child, I thought to myself at the time.
Yamapi: So nostalgic! When I was a Jr., I often went home together with Arashi's Aiba-kun, ne. And I've slept over at Ninomiya-kun's house once. Because in my eyes Ninomiya-kun is a dai-senpai, that's why when it was decided for us to act in the drama "STAND UP!!" three years ago, I was very happy.
Nino: At the time the people at the jimusho said to me, "You're a senpai so you have to take care of him," like that. So I decided, "I'll be the one to protect Yamapi!", but how was I to know you're even more mature than me...
Yamapi: Please don't say these kinds of things! (laugh) But that drama left a lot of very profound memories.
Nino: Yamapi even cried when the filming for the last scene was over.
Yamapi: Right. Even though I do that very rarely. The happiness at the scene of the filming, and then to have to part with everyone, it felt very lonesome...
Nino: But since then Yamapi's already become someone who never loses around here...
Yamapi: Those are song lyrics. (laugh) [T/N: jimoto ja make shirazu = around here we never lose, which are lyrics from Seishun Amigo XD]
Nino: Recently when I was eating with a male friend, we started discussing the topic of "how to become popular", and mentioned that right now the most popular person is Yamapi, so I gave you a call.
Yamapi: I couldn't pick up immediately at the time...
Nino: Right! You didn't pick up immediately and finally called back 30 minutes after. This is the act of a popular man, ne. Everyone came to an understanding.
Yamapi: Because Ninomiya-kun often makes odd phone calls to me.
Nino: To see each other in person like this is actually a very rare occurence.
Yamapi: Right. That's why I really am very happy today. Because I really respect Ninomiya-kun (laugh).
Nino: You're saying those kinds of things again. Even though you were clearly saying something about holding a senorita~
Yamapi: I already said those are lyrics! (laugh) [T/N: daite senorita = hold me senorita, which is from Pi's solo single of the same title]
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thank you for translating ^^ this is ssssssoooooooo cute ^^ I knew that P and Nino were friends but not like this ^^ they seem so close when saying it like that ^^

It's so cute that Nino is showing he pays attention to his kohai. Sign of a very caring senpai, ne?

lol I've read translations to this on LS Forums, but thank you for translating it still ^o^!
I miss Pino. I need some more Pino moments. lol
Thank you for the translating =]]!

Nino: Recently when I was eating with a male friend, we started discussing the topic of "how to become popular", and mentioned that right now the most popular person is Yamapi, so I gave you a call.

that friend was Shun, I think.. they commented something like this on their jwebs ^.^v

thanks a lot for translating ^.^

I do feel like watching stand up once again.... and i already saw it too many times xDDD

I hope you don't mind me asking, but do you watch Stand Up!! with English subs? If so, where did you find them? I've been looking all over for them but so far without success. :(

Thank you for the translation. That's really sweet.

Just when I think Nino really is a heartless bastard, there's this and everything's upside down again! ;) Nino's funny, too, I rarely find him funny.

I had no idea Nino and Pi were so close, it's cute. I remember Pi saying a while back that he was happy to see Nino again, but I had no idea it was like this.

Thanks for translating and posting this! (Even though it makes me want to watch Stand Up!! even though I can't find any subtitles).

Cuuuuuuute lol

I would never think the two of them could get along so well, but I guess I was wrong ^^; This conversation was really entertaining, especially with Nino throwing in those song lyrics lol

Thanks for the translations :)

I read somewhere that Yamapi actually lists Nino-kun as one of his idols aside from Takki <3

lol! thanks for the translation.
that was so cute!
and Nino is so wry....

thanks a lot ^^
that's cute to know they respect each other so much ^^ and those strange phone calls from Nino that's so funny ^^ both are really popular now and that's cool to see them chatting together like that ^^

Nice, thanks! I think Nino's foray into H'wood films might finally get him the leg up on Pi. and you can take that however you like! LOL

I didn't know Nino and Pi were friends...thank you for translating!

Thanks for translating. ^^ I know Nino and Yamapi are friends so I'm glad I could read this and see how close they are.

Oh...this interview is so adorable! Thank you for translating this! ^_^

Haha! I love how Nino easily inserts lyrics of Pi's "solo" songs into the convo and see if Pi picks up on it.

Not surprising he listens to all songs.

*squishes kachang*

Pi is one of the lucky few kouhai who would get a treat from Nino.

Thanks for sharing! They sound so cute...I rarely see this side of Nino.


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