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[Arashi] ARASHI LIVE TOUR 2015 Japonism - Q&As - Nino
Nino's now! The answers are definitely Nino-esque, I had a few chuckles myself while translating this one!

ARASHI LIVE TOUR 2015 Japonism - Q&As
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ARASHI LIVE TOUR 2015 Japonism - Q&As - Nino

Q1. When would you think to yourself, "I'm glad I was born as a Japanese person"? At what times do you notice the nice things about Japan, or the fact that you're Japanese?

A. I was born in Japan and I live in Japan... so wouldn't it be all the time? You don't really talk about the nice things, right? It's like being asked, "What are the positive points about yourself?". That's probably something other people say to you and make you go "Oh I see, so that's one of my positive points". As long as no one tells you anything, it's not something you're going to notice yourself, I think.

Q2. Which particular era are you interested in with regards to Japan's history and traditions?

A. I'm... not really that interested in history, I don't think. I mean, we don't even really know if those historical figures actually exist, you know? They might even end up being made-up figures who make you go "It'd be nice if such a person existed" (laugh). You can't help dreaming up people like that, after all. So... wouldn't the present time be the best? You can only live in the present anyway.

Q3. Please tell us about sceneries in Japan that you particularly like or have left an impression on you.

A. Hmm... sceneries that I like, right? I can't think of anything. I've seen all sorts of them before, but there isn't anything that I "like". I've never been touched by that sort of thing before... I hardly ever go out, you see (laugh). So I guess there's nothing I can think of right now. Or maybe, if you're talking about art, then that would be the artwork from Katsushika Hokusai. I feel like that sort of thing is very much "Japan".

Q4. What does "Arashi-izm = Arashi-like" mean to you?

A. "Arashi-like"... in terms of what, exactly? (laugh) Since this is our tour pamphlet, if we're talking about being Arashi-like in terms of our concerts... wouldn't that be the fact that we "keep on going"? It has nothing to do with why we're able to keep going, or why we keep at it. We do it because there are people coming to see us, and we're able to do it with the support of our staff. Doing it every year means that "doing" part is especially important. The fact that we're able to keep on going... this applies to any other situation, but it's something to be grateful for. After all, just because you want to do something doesn't always mean you're able to do it. Luck is irrelevant; being given a place where we can express ourselves year after year is linked to the fact that we "did it before". And it's probably based on hindsight too... Even if we stopped at our 16th or 17th year, "we did it for 16 years" ends up being something Arashi-like. And if we came to an end during our second year, that would still have been Arashi-like. So it's probably something like that? The fact that we've "kept on going" is connected to being "Arashi-like", isn't it?

Q5. Please express "Japonism" in the form of a type of scent.

A. (decisively) I'm sure it smells nice! Eh... what kind of "nice smell"? Oh, no no... it's nothing that major or anything (laugh). Just that it smells nice. It's some vague sense of "hey, this isn't bad". It can't possibly smell that bad, right? After all, "Japonism" is going to be featured (in the album and tour) so it's a sign of good fortune!

Q6. Including the cover to "Yarisugichatta Japonism Calendar 2016", which shot was your favourite out of a total of 13 shots? And if you were to recommend one type of goods from this tour, what would it be?

A. Without a doubt, that would be the cover. As for the reason? Of course that's because Aiba-san put his best efforts into coming up with the whole concept. It's the "face" of that product, so my favourite would definitely be the cover. Which is why the calendar is definitely the best out of all the goods! I mean, Aiba-san put his best efforts into making that after all!!


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Oh, Nino <3 That last answer :) The calendar is definitely the best! Thanks to Aiba's genius!

Thank you for all! :-)

Thank you. Cute that his fave good is the calendar since Aiba-chan worked hard for it.

Thank you! I love his answers :)

the smell of ninoai is really strong hereee.. :D
Thank you for translating this!

The usual bratty answers lol. Arigatou! :)

Fufufufu... This sounds so much like Nino. Sometimes, I just want to take a peek inside his head and try to see what really goes on in there. Thank you so much!

Thank you so much for translating ^_^

Very Nino-like interview. Nfufu Though his enthusiasm for the calendar because Aiba's the mastermind is just awww-inducing <3333

Thank you!

Nino never put feelings into his answers!! He's so protective about his personal feelings!! (That's how i feel when i read his interviews)!!

Minus the last answer though..

Thanks for translating!! Otsukare sama!!

thank you so much! I like the calendar too!

It's completely and utterly unbelievable to me that someone who has been in Japan for longer than 5 minutes could have nothing to say about its natural beauty or history. I'm a little bit shocked. Please put down the controller, sir!

"I hardly ever go out,you see" LOL Nino. You should try to go out sometime and take fresh air. It is not good for your health if you always playing the games. But it seem Nino very busy this year. Ganbatte!!

Very nino-like and down to earth answers.. Hahaha this kid really live his life the way he wants.. I wish I was as accepting of life like him.. Just go with it~ Keep on going!!

I like his last answer. I mean, he like that cover because of Aiba's effort? Aww~ Damn it Ninomiya, you're too cute to handle!!!

Haha Aiba-mention ofc. IA with the rest, it's such a Nino-like interview, so vague and down to Earth. Thanks!

Thank you <3 the calendar is interesting xD

I smiled when he said "...They might even end up being made-up figures..." lol Nino yes! History are so ambiguous. The winner write it afterall.
The calendar is surely one of the best! I love all shots!
Thanks for sharing this!

Hahaha! Nino and his answers!

Thank you!

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