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in other words...

Translations by Hwen and Amy

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[Arashi] TV Life - Arashi ni Shiyagare inside scoop - 2/13-26/2016 (Nino)
Here's the part on Nino with the director in charge of his Arashi ni Shiyagare segment! Reading these made me feel like they're very well matched with their respective directors. Read on for the praise that gets heaped upon Nino this time!

And thanks for all the comments on Aiba's part! I suck at replying but I appreciate you guys sharing your thoughts on the contents of the interview ♥

Previous parts:
Aiba | Nino|

TV Life - Arashi ni Shiyagare inside scoop - 2/13-26/2016 (Nino)Collapse )


I remember other people, like for example Tokio's Matsuoka, saying that even the first time they met it was like they've known each other for a long time. He really puts people at ease =)

The window cleaning looked terrifying,no wonder he was worried XD Even the "flying performance" lover,aka Matsujun, was impressed lol

Thanks for sharing!

Interesting read. Thanks for the translation. I agree with what the director said about Nino having a different perspective and how he's able to put others at ease. :)

Thanks for this! Love these insights-I'm looking forward to those about the other members too.

Thank you for sharing this! it's so nice to hear more about his talents. It comes out so natural that I think sometimes he doesn't notice it XD thank you again!

LOL Nino is so persuasive! I love it, thanks for the translation *^^*

These are incredibly awesome! I hope they do them for the other three too! :)

As one would expect, Nino is very natural and working with him is usually a good experience for everyone since he is capable to make things always interesting.
Thank you for translating and sharing!

Edited at 2016-02-12 12:22 am (UTC)

thanks for translating and sharing.
Such a nice read and learn more of my bias thru others pov.

reading this, I was like, well that's Ninomiya Kazunari for you, LOL

I mean, it's not a secret that he's a very self-reliant person but to hear someone talk so openly about the way he works (and how we always thought he is with his work) I guess all I can say is this is, well, expected :D

now I can't wait to read the other three. I'm very much intrigued with Oh-chan and Jun, however :D

thanks for sharing XD

I felt so happy reading this! He's MAGIC! ♥ Thank you so much!

Ah thats so cool, complete contrast to Aiba's director, it's almost like meh things will work out situation. Thank you for translating ^^

i can see different side of him
he really a wonderful person ne

THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for the translation. I am looking forward for the up and down Nino. LOL Will it success?