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in other words...

Translations by Hwen and Amy

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[Arashi] TV Life - Arashi ni Shiyagare inside scoop - 2/13-26/2016 (Nino)
Here's the part on Nino with the director in charge of his Arashi ni Shiyagare segment! Reading these made me feel like they're very well matched with their respective directors. Read on for the praise that gets heaped upon Nino this time!

And thanks for all the comments on Aiba's part! I suck at replying but I appreciate you guys sharing your thoughts on the contents of the interview ♥

Previous parts:
Aiba | Nino|

TV Life - Arashi ni Shiyagare inside scoop - 2/13-26/2016 (Nino)Collapse )


thanks for this. :) Nino's segment is really interesting. I was really fun to watch especially when he cleaned the building windows.

oh my, the director really praised nino ne?!

"The only time I saw him look nervous was prior to his window cleaning appearance at the Abeno Harukas building. For one brief instant, I felt like I saw a Ninomiya Kazunari that was different from the Ninomiya Kazunari we know. That was the first time I ever saw him with that sort of expression." HIS FEAR OF HEIGHT IS ACTUALLY OVERSHADOWED BY SHO. BUT THAT PART REALLY WAS SCARY THOUGH!

"In terms of my personal ambition in the future, I would like to see Ninomiya-san come apart at the seams (laugh). Whether it's seeing him panicked or scared or touched, I would love to draw out that side of him since he's the sort of person who doesn't have a lot of emotional ups and downs" I ALSO WANT TO SEE THIS!!!NINO RARELY DISPLAYED HIS TRUE EMOTION NE! HE IS VERY IN CHECK WITH HIS EMOTION, WHAT A WALL HE PUT UP NE. SOMEHOW I LOVR THAT SIDE OF HIM. NOT ANYONE CAN SEE THIS VULNERABLE SIDE OF ME, THAT KIND OF THOUGHT.


I watched the headpiece and the katakana episode and wow! Nino is good!!
It must be hard to negotiate to let them wear or use the katakana. Nino must have special skills to have them agreed to this demand. It is nice watching this segment and I hope to see a new side of Nino too~~ XDD
It was so nice reading this!
thank you so much for translating and hope you have a nice weekend!

this was really interesting, thank you for translating!

Thank you so much for share this, I really like this cuz give us a close look for the real thoughts about the members of Arashi, Ninomiya-kun is a really good actor and from me is the person more mysterious in the group, I understand a little about our Nino. :)

oh, what a great insight of him from other people point of view.
I might not have a great laugh from his segment like what I have from other members segment but I do love his segment. I like how he approach people and talk to them :)
Thanks for the translation, can't wait to read the other 3 ^^

Nino can get away with that kawaii face and he's good at responding people xD
Thank you!

I enjoyed this so much - it reaffirmed what I feel about Nino's personality and gave an insight into the frustration that those around Nino feel about seeing his vulnerable side. I feel like we sometimes see this vulnerable side in his acting and it packs extra punch. thank-you for translating.

I wonder how he get that traits? He's snarky, yet lovely. He's really good with his tongue (I don't mean it perverted way!)
Thanks for sharing this!

so nice to see so much praise for him~ thanks for translating

wow this is lovely. thank you for sharing!

Thank you for sharing this, I always love how people describe Nino in such a good manner ^^