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in other words...

Translations by Hwen and Amy

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[Arashi] RO69 - Japonism DVD review
There was a review of the Japonism DVD making the rounds on Twitter that I really enjoyed and decided to translate. The review came from a Japanese website with a predominant interest in rock music and I enjoyed the fact that it focused a lot more on the production side of things.

Enjoy, and feel free to share your own thoughts on the concert!

RO69 - Japonism DVD reviewCollapse )


this review said it all... the writer did arashi and their hardwork justice the concert was amazing arashi deserves to bre recognize for their hardwork and dedication. thank you for translating :)

Thanks for sharing! Japonism was really so visually pleasing =)

this was a very interesting read! I'm really glad you took your time to translate it. I hope many people read it and realize how amazing Arashi and their concerts are. (Also I'm glad I'm not the only one finding them amazing simply because I'm biased to Arashi, but people outside of their big fans agree too~)

Such good article, so proud of them, specially Matsujun!
Thanks for sharing^^

(I took the gif from internet, it's not mine)

Thank you so much for translating this! I really enjoyed reading it and it made me tear up a bit. ♥

This was such a good read, especially considering it doesn't come from a fan at all so it's not biased or anything. To be fair they were quite right, it really is a fine concert and a very well-put one at that (I mean, maybe I'm biased, but at the same time it's really just THAT good)

Thank you!

Thank you for sharing this interesting article!! Otsukare sama..

Yeah.. some ppl might like other groups who may be more hansome or more funny.. or more skilled in dancing etc.. but Arashi have this charm among them five.. that we viewers enjoy.. maybe the writer caught it well with his words "They're sparkling dream icons yet at the same time also your typical boys next door".

This. I want to read such impression from other, those who is not fan, those is not and has not followed them.
And then, I will glaze and be sooooo proud of them, I will always be fan of Arashi!

Thanks for translating. This was a really interesting read, I feel so proud of our boys!

Thank you for translating. It was an interesting read.

Wow..... *speechless*
Thank you for translating! <3

Thank you so much for translating the article. Their showmanship really stood out this time in their performances and in the production of the show itself. So proud for them that this concert was praised and appreciated.

Wow, such a great, positive review, thank you for the translation!

thank you for this amazing work! You've chosen marvelously!!! This review covered our boys with the deserved laurels!!! We know how brilliant, hard-work and humble they are, but is nice when it is spoken for outsiders. That makes me proud and happy!!!

Thank you so much for translating and sharing. This was such a really good review and I felt even more proud of Arashi after reading it.