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in other words...

Translations by Hwen and Amy

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[Arashi] RO69 - Japonism DVD review
There was a review of the Japonism DVD making the rounds on Twitter that I really enjoyed and decided to translate. The review came from a Japanese website with a predominant interest in rock music and I enjoyed the fact that it focused a lot more on the production side of things.

Enjoy, and feel free to share your own thoughts on the concert!

RO69 - Japonism DVD reviewCollapse )


This is what I'm talking about with arashi... There just freaking amazing and this review spoke words why there a super group.they worked hard on the concept and it worked so well... Fan girling right now ahhh!!!!

"They're sparkling dream icons yet at the same time also your typical boys next door." YES! Why Arashi is so irresistible ^^ Thank you for the translation!

What a beautiful positive review! I'm so glad the person who wrote this acknowledge the hard work Arashi put into each of their concerts. Couldnt be prouder of Arashi! Thank you for translating and sharing! :)

Thank you for translating and sharing!! I still haven't the dvd and i'm looking forward to watching Japonism! :)

What a great review~ its really interesting to read what non-fans think of arashi sometimes and this review really makes me proud!! Indeed Japonism is a really good concert that not only fans would enjoy and appreciate.. I really hope others will give it a try too and watch the concert despite their lack of interest in arashi..

Thank you so much for translating and sharing~

Thanks a lot for translating this great article and sharing this. Japonism. Incredible breathtaking as we can saw that every year's concert becomes great and more astonishing from year to year. I love to read this reviews and yes the most things to be proud is the concert production is from someone who perform on that great stage!! They involve in every single things in their concert production. I proud to say I am Arashi fan and I cant wait for the more upcoming astonishing concert!!! Thanks you for this!!

Proud mama tears T.T

Thank you so much for translating this gem.

Thank you for the time taken to translate the article.

Though I have only watched Arashi concert, but it does give me surprises in every of their concerts. It seems Japonism concert is even more intriguing than Digitalian which is amazing. Hoping to see it soon....

Thanks so much for sharing.

Omg thank you for translating this!! I haven't gotten my copy of Japonism yet so I've been trying to avoid spoilers and all... But this review just confirmed in my mind that it'll be worth every minute of the wait, so thank you so much once again :)

thank you for translating^^
i love this review on their production sides and them overall as idol where someone really truly appreciate their hard work <3

thank you for translating and sharing! this is a very great review! i am so proud to say that i am an arashi fan, i always love their concert production! i thought the digitalian was so cool and then i saw japonism AND WOAHHH. i'm curious on their new production next year :D

Thanks for the translation, and best regards to the reviewer of course.
This just proves our downright love for this group is equally greeted back with their dedication to create great contents. And although I'm not Japanese myself, it still makes me appreciate their culture.
I guess we will never see the tail of this rainbow. It's forever.

thank you for this translation!!! *cries* :')

Waw, thank you for translating and sharing^^
really proud to be Arashi's fan~