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in other words...

Translations by Hwen and Amy

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[Arashi] RO69 - Japonism DVD review
There was a review of the Japonism DVD making the rounds on Twitter that I really enjoyed and decided to translate. The review came from a Japanese website with a predominant interest in rock music and I enjoyed the fact that it focused a lot more on the production side of things.

Enjoy, and feel free to share your own thoughts on the concert!

RO69 - Japonism DVD reviewCollapse )


Thank you so much for the translation. It's always nice to see how other people see Arashi and that they appreciate how much effort the group put into their shows. It looks like the reviewer enjoyed the concert a lot. I can't wait to get my DVD.

Awesome review. Thank you for translating.

Thanks for sharing. I am so glad that the boys' effort and hard work is finally being appreciated and recognized by the mass public. They proved that they aren't just Johnny's idols but great all-around entertainers. YEAH!

The production value on Japonism was really a step above, and it really impressed me. There's usually several "wow" moments that I have watching their performances the last few years, but this one will really be hard to beat.

That was an interesting read.
However I could not shake the feeling that the author was surprised that Arashi had it in them to create something as fantastic as Japonism. Throughout the article there were hints that "normally" idols shouldn't be able to do what Arashi did and I find myself thinking 'Hasn't this person watched any other concerts?' I really love Japonism, it's fantastic and for all the reasons the author mentioned - the implementation of traditional parts, the flawless insertion of all their songs, modern and traditional music/dance etc etc. I was really stunned and awed after watching this.

But here's the 'but': They had great concerts before 2015 and all of them poured so much love and work into them. When I think back to Blast in Hawaii or Digitalian and how meticulously Jun planned every little detail, from the exact time the sun goes down to the exact colour of lighting etc. It's not like Japonism is their first great concert and although I thought 'It can't get better!', this is exactly what I have been thinking for all their concerts since I became a fan. They do get better every year, but it's not like everything before Japonism was a drag.

So, yes the authors applauds Arashi and it is well-deserved. But the surprised tone puts me off slightly, after all Arashi has proofed year after year that they are concert geniuses.

That being said, Japonism was absoltely breathtaking and I hope we're given the chance to spend our money on a DVD for the Arena Tour. Not to say, the next Dome Tour will probably blow us away as well :)

Thanks for the translation!

Thanks for translating. I'm really happy that other people, not just us fans, can also see how great Arashi's concerts are, and not only the performances but the production as well. They really put a lot of effort into their concerts. Japonism is exceptional. They try so hard to become better every year. I like the comments about the MC part. I always enjoy the talks among themselves, so funny and warm at the same time. You can tell how much they enjoy each other.

Oh Dios mio!! that article !!
I read it and I feel so proud !! Not because you do not know what they're worth the guys if not because someone else says is really great.

Thank you very much for making the translation, I wonder if you can (if I can) pass to Spanish so that more people can read it !?

If not do not worry pass the link, but these things will definitely make me see that my love for them is not simple screen idols, my love for them is because they are people who really work hard.

Once again, thank you very much

It makes me so proud when the guys are acknowledged for their talent, hardwork and dedication by a non-fan (or maybe a new fan now... ;P ).
Imo every Arashi concert is great but I agree that Japonism is superb and really shows Arashi's amaziness!!
Thank you so much for translating and sharing!!

Edited at 2016-09-01 10:29 pm (UTC)

i so agree with your review.
by far, this ahs been the best they have had.
looking forward for their tour that eprhspa MJ is getting pressured and stressed hot to top this one of..
it was very visually entertaining. and since eprhaps i love the japanese traditional music that i look forward to this very much and when they added that part, it is probably my most favorite. i like how they played Arashi song in those traditional isntruments.
though, i am hoping that Arashi would release something like that.

This review is amazing and I just kept on like, "YES! OMG! SO TRUE! EXACTLY!" while reading it.
Thank you so much for sharing and translating it!

Wishing you have a wonderful birthday and a prosperity in your new age.
Thank you so much for always sharing Arashi's love.

This was a really good read. For a fan, it's gratifying to "hear" others grasp what's magic about Arashi :p The description that the performance is like live 3D art makes me want to buy the blu ray version even more. If only I wasn't so cash strapped :D

Thanks for translating <3

Enjoyed reading
Thank you

I'm so proud of them! And I'm happy that outside fans and jpop lovers there are people who recognize their abnegation to theirr work.
I haven't watch the concert, because I'm waiting for my copy to arrive (which will be this week) but all the people who watched it told me is the most amazing Arashi's concert ever made and reading this article just made me more curios! I can't wait!

Thank you!

God! This made me regret not buying that Japonism concert DVD!!! (If anyone could help point me out to where I could probably buy one aside from cdjapan then i wud be extremely thankful)

Thank you so much for translating and sharing this! I'm so proud of our boys!!!