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in other words...

Translations by Hwen and Amy

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[Arashi] RO69 - Japonism DVD review
There was a review of the Japonism DVD making the rounds on Twitter that I really enjoyed and decided to translate. The review came from a Japanese website with a predominant interest in rock music and I enjoyed the fact that it focused a lot more on the production side of things.

Enjoy, and feel free to share your own thoughts on the concert!

RO69 - Japonism DVD reviewCollapse )


i cried after reading this! for real! huhuhu i am sooooo proud of them!

thank you soooooo much for translating and sharing them! this made me want to watch Japonism again~ <3

I feel like a proud mom! But really, it may be that it is in their concerts that Arashi shines the most! Ah, to watch an Arashi concert has been my dream for 9 years~
Thank you so much for translating!

Thank you for sharing this review!

I, myself, have just finished watching Japonism, and speaking of the productions, effects, and all, I agree with the writer saying that this concert is really extravagant! It really shows of how Arashi are as an idol and how they are as artists!

I'm so proud of them! *happy tears*

Thank you for translating and sharing
This review is really intresting and makes me more exited


Such a lovely review!!!!

Thanks so much for sharing this and translating this for us!!!!

I feel so proud of them and SO excited to watch the concert now. I haven't because I've been so busy recently ><

Thanks again~~

I really agree with this review. This made me teary and so proud of them. Thank you so much for translating this. :))

A lovely review! Thanks for translating; it was this review that is making me want to watch the DVD :)


thanks so much for sharing this translation! :DD