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[Arashi] WISH Secret Talk 2005 part 2

It's been awhile since I translated the first part of it, but here's the second part to the Secret Talk from Arashi's latest single, WISH. They covered a bunch of topics, from the single covers to Ohno's hair from their calendar, and then did a brief year end review where they talked about Australia, their concert tour, and Christmas.

Comments are always appreciated; enjoy!


WISH Secret Talk 2005 part 2

S: Everyone, please look at this jacket cover. This is the limited edition jacket? No, regular edition jacket! Just as expected, riida is the one standing at the front!
O: It feels a bit like I'm leading everyone, doesn't it?
A: But riida looks a bit small and weak, ne
S: No way! It should be very strong, look at that face!
N: Why does he always look mad every single time?
A: Yeah, but this time it doesn't seem like he was caught in the picture by accident, ne
M: And he's standing at the front too
A: Sometimes it really looks like he was caught in the picture by accident
O: It's like that sometimes, ne
S: I think Satoshi-kun looks cooler with short hair
N: Which hairstyle of his does everyone like?
S: I like him with short hair, and a bit of stubble on his chin
A: That's not bad, ne~
O: But fans hate both of that
S: Then you shouldn't continue on like that!
N: Then you should just quit your work in Arashi
All: (loud laughter)
N: Quit once and see what happens, maybe everyone would think that your growing a beard isn't so bad either and want you to come back
O: Why? Let me stay in Arashi
A: (laugh)
N: But everyone really does look very cool, this is the regular edition right?
A: What about limited edition? Ah, this one~
S: But the people who are listening to this secret talk right now would have bought the regular edition, right?
M: Yeah
A: The limited edition photo looks very cool! I hope everyone can by this and see
N: MatsuJun's legs are spread open into an M shape
S: Ah, it's true, he's become a dirty terrorist
A: MatsuJun won't lose!
N: This kind of photo isn't very good
S: Satoshi-kun! Your eyes are aimed too far off to the right
O: The photographer wanted me to look to the right!
All: (loud laughter)
N: You're too obedient
A: But we could always laugh for half the day just looking at pictures, ne
N: And we would be the only ones laughing
A: Like this year's calendar, riida was really hilarious
All: (loud laughter)
A: Riida was really funny in this year's calendar
S: Like those transvestite bars' mamas
All: (loud laughter)
O: You guys are too much!
N: Why was your hair styled that way at that time? I don't understand the purpose of it at all.
M: It was because you didn't like that blond hairstyle from "West Side Story" right?
O: Right, I felt annoyed when I think of how I had to go around with that blond hair all year
N: That's why you wanted to become a mama from a transvestite bar?
All: (loud laughter)
O: No, it was after they dyed it that I found my hair had turned orange
N: Then what colour did you originally want?
O: I originally thought it would be more brown-ish, but it ended up becoming a very beautiful shade of orange
All: (laugh)
O: But you guys ended up saying I'm a person from a transvestite bar or Haado Gei
N: That's why his expressions in the photos look a bit embarrassed
A: That really is very funny ne
O: I still have a deep impression of the photoshoot from that time even now

M: Let's review this past year, it's already November
N: During January of this year, what did everyone do? Say!
M: In January Nino starred in a drama
S: What event from this year made the deepest impression on everyone? Mine would probably be the trip to Australia
A: Ah~ we went to Australia didn't we
S: Because it's been a long time since the five of us all travelled out of the country
N: The trip to Australia really did make a deep impression ne
A: While we were in Australia, Sho-chan drank too much, and got yelled at really badly the next day
All: (loud laughter)
S: It's been a long while since I've been yelled at that badly
N: Why were you yelled at? Everyone weren't there at the time, we're not really sure of the reason
Aiba: Me and Sho-chan... eh?
S: And MatsuJun
M: I was there too
A: Ah, that's right
N: You drank too much so you were late the next day?
A: I don't think so...
S: I don't have any memory of what happened the next day whatsoever
M: From my impression, the next day when we got on the ship to go out to sea, you two absolutely didn't say anything at all
S: The next day when I got to the hotel lobby, our manager said to me, "Sho-kun, I really wish you'd stop drinking"
All: (loud laughter)
S: Because his tone was really low, it sounded very scary, so from then on I really did try to cut down on it
M: I still had to dive into the ocean that day, and I almost drowned
S: You're really amazing
A: But I also had to compete with Iwasaki Kyoko immediately after we got to the ocean
M: That's right
A: So I got sober pretty quickly, but that day I still didn't do anything, and slept the whole time
N: We just stayed in our rooms cutting cork the entire time that night, ne
O: Yeah
M: What were you doing?
O: Kept thinking how I wanted to get back to Japan sooner
N: We kept singing "I really want to go home sooner~" songs
A: Then please sing some of it here right now
O: I can't do that! Are you stupid?
A: (laugh) Just hurry up and sing
O: "I really waaaant~ to go home sooner~"
All: (laugh)
N: The two of us were together the entire time in Australia
M: Yeah
O: But that trip was very fun
All: Yeah
N: It's great to have everyone split up to compete
A: Plus riida said it felt a lot like "Ainori" and got really excited
M: "Ainori"?
S: Yeah, you really likes to watch "Ainori" ne
O: That was a long time go!
All: (loud laughter)
S: Why do you have to act like you're already grown up?
N: You don't like to watch it anymore?
O: I don't watch TV much now

S: The concerts were very fun too
N: Because from February to August the five of us were together the entire time
All: Yeah
M: Though we have a steady variety show, we didn't have many chances for all five of us to be together this year
N: When was Sakura Sake released?
O: March 23rd
N: Really? No way
S: I remember it's around 323
M: Wait wait! Let's ask the manager to go check
N: It's really March 23rd?
O: It definitely is
S: One time when he talked about a Las Vegas show on one of the broadcasts, he directly called the place America mainland, what an exaggerated way of abbreviating it
A: It really is March 23rd?
N: You actually remembered it that clearly
S: The concerts this time around had a lot of male audience members ne
M: Yeah
S: And they even danced along to the choreography
N: I remember a lot of guys coming to watch
M: To have guys come and watch concerts makes me very happy ne
S: Yeah, of course when girls come to watch we're very happy too, but to have the male audience members increase really makes us happy ne
N: You can clearly tell how much it increased

S: The song this time has a very wintery feel, what do you guys want to do this Christmas?
A: What do we want to do~
N: But it'll probably be "Music Station Super Live", if we can get on it
A: I hope we can go on it every year ne
S: That's why we released a new single
N: But why were we able to release a new single? Who gets the credit?
A & S: Matsu... moto...-san
All: Thank you very much, Matsumoto-san!
M: The rhythm of your words match up really well (laugh)
N: If we can go on it then that day would probably be passed that way
S: Have we ever spent Christmas together with all five of us? Ah! we did
A: We did? Where?
S: "Music Station Special Live", of course
N: We're not talking about that, we're saying just the five of us
S: The year where I got in an argument with our manager!
A: Ah~
M: That was Christmas day? It was Christmas Eve wasn't it?
A: Ah! That's right that's right! We watched videotapes too!
All: (loud laughter)
O: And we kept fast forwarding
N: "Around the World" type of tapes
A: From then on Arashi started to go the weird route, our interests are too strange
N: If the five of us get the chance to spend Christmas together, what does everyone want to do?
S: What should we bring?
A: You mean like exchanging presents?
S: Yeah~
N: Christmas...
S: I want to bring a turkey, a live turkey!
All: (loud laughter)
M: No one will get excited with that
N: That's very bothersome
O: What should we do~
N: Where does everyone want to hold it at?
A: We're all adults already, let's rent out the entire place to hold it in!
N: Then let's rent out riida's house
All: (loud laughter)
O: I knew you guys would definitely bring that up
M: Riida! We've been a group for seven years now!
A: We'll pay for it!
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