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[Arashi] J-web - "Kitto Daijoubu" Single Cover Shoot Report

I don't see a lot of these around, but here's the J-web report on Arashi's single cover shoot for their Kitto Daijoubu single! I think the report on their PV shoot was more interesting, but I didn't have enough time to translate that one, so you'll have to make do with this for now.

Ah well, hope you enjoyed this anyway ^^ Feel free to comment!


J-web - "Kitto Daijoubu" Single Cover Shoot Report

Today we will be reporting on the shooting of Arashi's "Kitto Daijoubu" single cover.


Arashi arrived at the scene of the shoot after make-up and clothing changes. The location for this cover shoot is in a certain park in Tokyo. Matsumoto looked up at the clear, cloudless blue sky and smiled as he said, "The weather's really nice today~". Even though the shooting began very early in the morning, as long as the five of them are together everyone would naturally let out sounds of laughter, these members are on really friendly terms with one another! Although the attire this time is spring-oriented, today's weather is still a bit cold. Everyone debated about whose clothes were warmer, and concluded that it was Aiba, who was wearing a jacket on top of a sweatshirt. At that, he countered and said, "But my sweatshirt doesn't have sleeves!" as he pushed his jacket aside to show everyone that there was only one article of clothing underneath his jacket. Upon hearing Aiba's words, Ohno took off his jacket and said that he was only wearing a tank top underneath as well. Matsumoto and Ninomiya consoled him and said "Daijoubu!" as they helped him put his jacket back on.

Once everyone finished discussing their clothing, this kind of exchange went on as well...

Sakurai: *rubs at his throat* Ah~ lately I've started growing hair around the area of my uvula...
All: EH?!
Sakurai: Look, you guys! *lets everyone look at his throat*
Matsumoto: Eh? ...that scared me, I thought you were talking about inside your mouth.
Sakurai: If it was in my mouth then I wouldn't be able to eat!
Aiba: I don't really grow a lot of hair, look over here-- *pulls up his pant sleeve to let everyone see* I don't have a lot of leg hair either.
Sakurai: Really? *pulls up his pant sleeve to compare*
In this cold weather, the staff members roared with laughter as a result of their conversation. After that it is time to officially begin the photoshoot!

Photoshoot START!

It kicked off with a shot of everyone sitting on a bench. On the green grass and under the blue sky, they all showed very natural expressions and also remarked that it felt as if they were at a picnic. At this moment there was a "pu!" sound, and everyone began to suspect leader, but Aiba began to laugh to himself. Was Aiba the guilty one? A staff member announced, "We're filming a scene that will be used in the PV right now!", and everyone burst out laughing upon hearing that. Ninomiya said, "You should tell us about this kind of thing earlier, that sound just now was really loud!" (laugh). Under these circumstances, they proceeded to continue the shooting and confirmation work. Upon seeing the photos, with their greenery and lighting, everyone praised the photos to have been shot beautifully.

Next they moved to another side of the park to continue the shoot. The sun grew brighter and brighter, and the people also began to arrive at the park to play sports or fly kites. At that moment an old man was flying a model airplane, and Aiba immediately asked him what he was doing. The other members also went over to the oji-san's side to watch his airplane. The oji-san replied that it was a wooden model airplane that he had built himself, and also flew it for a while for them to watch. Everyone happily called out "Wah~ that's awesome! Thanks oji-san, please continue to work hard~" and waved as they said their goodbyes to him... as though they were doing filming for "Mago Mago Arashi".

The Times...

While they were taking individual photos, the photoshoot portion of the PV shoot was going on at the same time. Consequently, we can see Ninomiya, Ohno and Aiba were practicing the dance choreography as they waited to get their photos taken. Next they continued to move onto another location, in which the five of them sat on the grass to get their photos taken. Because this is a weekend morning, the number of people going to the park for exercise grew and grew. Ninomiya watched them as he said, "Everyone's playing soccer, there's no one playing baseball at all. Is it because the times are different now?" Aiba echoed his sentiments and said, "Probably because the times are different, yeah."

Ohmiya SK is still around!

The next photos are taken both close-up and at a distance, and the Ohmiya duo of Ohno and Ninomiya were separated and made to stand at the far sides. Once they heard the cameraman's instruction of "do whatever you want", they immediately began to move around! The two of them jostled and play fought with one another, or imitated nearby kids practicing soccer with air soccer. This resulted in them hitting each other by accident when they raised their hands at the same time. Although they rubbed at their hands in apparent pain, they still looked at one another and burst into loud laughter.

In the next part of the shoot everyone also posed with many interesting expressions. Sakurai first brought the subject up in the beginning, "Leader can make a lot of different expressions," at which Ohno arrogantly exclaimed, "I do have a lot of expressions." Matsumoto then goaded him and said, "Then hurry up and let us see them!" And so, the cameraman captured many of Ohno's expressions on film. Just like that, the single cover shooting concluded successfully.
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