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[Arashi] Arashigoto - Aiba Masaki - 10,000 Word Interview - Part VII

I was actually planning to do another part to Nino's, but then I noticed how much shorter Aiba's was, so here it is XD;

Feel free to comment if you want something to be clarified, or if you just feel like sharing your thoughts about anything that he said. ♥

Randomly: one more part and Aiba's entire 10,000 word interview will be translated! I know, shocking isn't it? D: It only took me what, almost a year?


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Aiba Masaki - 10,000 Word Interview

VII. Regarding our Five-Year Anniversary

Arashi welcomed its fifth year last year, and even though there was a lot of talk about our thoughts and feelings, in my eyes I don't think it's the time to look back yet. Contrarily, because there's a very real possibility that we would lose our drive if we start retracing our past, I am very worried about this. Presence is a very important thing. If I had accumulated years of experience and skill, then even if I don't have much of a presence I would probably be able to continue on, but at this point in time I don't possess these things yet.

At any rate, I can't not give it my best in everything I do right now. Engaging myself in all kinds of different work, taking in all kinds of different experiences. Someday I will possess "If you talk about this it would definitely be Aiba", that kind of thing. But what exactly "this" is, I don't know yet.

But, this is good. Because if I do know, then I would feel like I just have to do that and everything will be fine. It isn't easy to have an environment where I could experience all kinds of different jobs, so this kind of mindset is wrong.

What kind of ten-year anniversary would we welcome, what kind of style would we develop into, it all hinges on our efforts in the present. We took part in "24Jikan Terebi" last year, and to Arashi that was a type of new beginning. In the days to come, Arashi still needs to demonstrate to even more people the extent of our strength.
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