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[Arashi] Taiwan Yahoo! News - 2006/09/16

This is the first (of what would probably be many) news article with coverage on the first Arashi concert in Taiwan in its entirety. It's a lot of work though, so I don't know if I'll do any future ones x_x Possibly one more for their second con tomorrow...

Anyway, read and enjoy!



Shanshan has left, but the storm "Arashi" has turned Taipei Arena upside down!

The popular Johnny's idol group "Arashi" of Japan carried out the first show of their Taipei concerts tonight at Taipei Arena. The entire arena of 9000 fans were excited beyond belief, and aside from making a big show of their Chinese knowledge, the five of them exhibited an immeasurable amount of sincerity. The total of all the songs performed during the show came up to 30 including group songs and encores, in addition to the equipment that had been transported to Taiwan from Japan, resulting in a moving, transparent stage and lighting and sound systems worth two hundred million dollars (Taiwanese dollars). They also sang a Chinese version of "Kansha Kangeki Ame Arashi" with extreme sincerity. Arashi's genuine feelings towards their Taiwanese fans was crystal clear.

As the representatives of Johnny's reattempt to open its doors to the rest of Asia, it is the first time that all five members of Arashi has grouped together for concerts in Taiwan. Continuously using "We are" to the mirth of everyone present, they indicated extreme incredulity to have been able to step into the first day of their eighth year together by holding a concert in Taiwan. Partnered with the dazzling lights and transparent moving stage that fully occupied our sights, the group's occasional tendency to walk around throughout the arena in addition to the help of legendary comedy duo "Ohmiya SK" rendered the entirety of all 9000 fans at the concert unable to respond with nothing but screaming and more screaming!

Hilarity ensued when all five members introduced themselves during their mid-concert break. Aiba Masaki also attempted to rectify the calling of his name, asking everyone if they could stop using his name directly; in addition to the atmosphere that couldn't get any more joyous, they told everyone in earnestly spoken Chinese, "Sorry for making everyone wait, we've finally come to Taiwan." They also reviewed footage of their July 31st trip to Thailand, Taiwan and Korea.

Nothing was funnier in the entire concert than the duo "Ohmiya SK" consisting of group leader Ohno Satoshi and Ninomiya Kazunari. Not only were their get-ups funny, the entirety of the hilarious lyrics to the song they sang was also translated into Chinese. Matsumoto Jun began to ask the audience present whether or not they would be just as excited without the other three members, and Aiba Masaki said if it was really so cool they would just fool around for the entire duration of their concerts like that then, to which nearby Sakurai Sho immediately refused.

The concert began with a review of all of their music videos released since their debut in 1999, and proceeded to an official start with "A-RA-SHI" as the opening song, at which all 9000 fans immediately stood up for. They sang 30 songs in total, rounding the concert out with songs from their debut single to their latest single "Aozora Pedal". The most touching part by far was the fact that they actually sang "Kansha Kangeki Ame Arashi" in Chinese; fans were also coaxed into singing during their encore song "WISH", and amidst the music to their debut single "A-RA-SHI" at the very end, Arashi's first concert in Taiwan ended on a perfect note. They will be continuing their stay at Taipei Arena with their second concert tomorrow night, and are scheduled to fly back to Japan the day after.

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