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[Arashi] ARASHI First Concert 2006 in Taipei - Special Interview - Ninomiya Kazunari

Just like the sub-heading for their Taiwan concerts, I'd like to apologize for the long wait XD I've been busy with some other stuff in addition to school and real life in general, but I haven't forgotten about these!

So without further ado, here's Nino's page from their Taiwan con pamphlet. Enjoy!


ARASHI First Concert 2006 in Taipei

+ Aiba Masaki
+ Matsumoto Jun
+ Ninomiya Kazunari
+ Ohno Satoshi
+ Sakurai Sho

+ Special Interview_2


Gate N-03_Kazunari Ninomiya

The "Arashi of the Future" is something which we can let you
all see as long as we continue to work hard. That's why before
we talk about The "Future Arashi", we need to clarify what
"Arashi of the Past" is first.

I had just gotten back from America when I heard that we will be holding concerts in Asia. "Asia, huh!" I was really happy. And buying a new cellphone was another thing that I was happy about (laugh). I used this cellphone the entire time in America to write in my blog (the J-web diaries that are available for subscription on cellphones in Japan). Whether you're going to America or other similar countries, once you're out of the country the cellphones would be difficult to connect to. But if it's Asia, like Pusan for example, the cellphone signals still work, and you can also listen to broadcasts from Korea. Even though we're this close, it still feels very far away... It took us 7 whole years. Our senpais have already been to Asia to hold concerts there, like TOKIO, KinKi and V6, everyone's been there already. That's why there really was a plan of "It's probably Arashi's turn next, right?" a while ago, but because of certain reasons there was no way to carry it out. Of course I'm happy to be able to finally have our plans come into effect. But on the other hand, the concerts we're holding in Asia this time will probably be very tough.

I've been to Hong Kong to film a drama, probably about three years ago. Though it was only for one episode, and it was to film the part of the plot that happened in Hong Kong, there were a lot of people who had gathered at the airport at the time, and it took us an hour to get out of the airport alone. It really was an eye opener. Even though I've been in the jimusho for a long time, I never thought I would come across a scene like this. Because I've never stirred up this kind of commotion even in Japan... that could possibly the most popular moment of my entire life (laugh) During the shooting process, the fans on the walkway kept singing Arashi songs, making us completely unable to successfully film the drama (laugh). Honestly speaking, it really was a bit perplexing. It's true! They sang Arashi songs nonstop the entire time, and I deeply felt the anticipation of our fans towards Arashi. That's why no matter what shape or form it takes, to be able to hold concerts in Asia really makes me happy.

Regarding the contents of our concerts, it would probably be different from the performances in Japan. How should I say this... the "Arashi of the Future" is something that everyone can see as long as we work hard at it. But the "Arashi of the Past" is something that fans have never seen before. So I think that aside from expressing the present Arashi, what's more important is to clearly convey the past Arashi to everyone. That way the people who come to watch the concerts will be able to know if they recognized Arashi from the past? Or which year this song is from? Therefore, speaking from a certain angle, the concerts this time is a one-time collective of Arashi. Even though I haven't discussed this in detail with the other members, but speaking for myself only, this is what I think. The lengths of our performances in Taiwan, Korea, Thailand will all vary, and consequently the program details will be different too, but no matter which country we're in, I think we should still put an emphasis on the "Arashi of the Past". We don't know the level of acceptance towards Arashi either, so if we use our usual manner of speaking from the very start, they might find it hard to relate to us. Just as expected, language is very important, and when you understand one language you can successfully convey the character that you are portraying. But this time it will all be through translations, and the subtle differences in tones and word choices will no doubt be impossible to convey, so everything will probably become formally correct Japanese. Even though everyone can get to know us through our songs and dances, in the end language will still be the hardest to understand. That's why this time, everyone can probably see us at our most candid during the Asian concerts (laugh).

With regards to the concerts this time, you can probably understand just from looking at the heading. It's called "ARASHI FIRST CONCERT", and there is a great significance behind it. It's not called "Anniversary", nor is it "Dream Concert". The meaning of FIRST CONCERT is to say that, aside from it being the first time, there is also a possibility for a second and third time, even if it's only 1%. That is why the word "FIRST" was chosen. Why did we choose "FIRST" as our concert heading? If everyone can understand the meaning behind it, I would be very happy. Of course, we will definitely have to put on a good show. But, to put on a good show is something that is already pretty much a given. And I'm carrying a "we have to do this again!" frame of mind too, because I haven't been to any other country in Asia before. Even though I've been to Taiwan, it was little more than a surface scratch, and if I have to talk about my impression of Taiwan, I can only recall fuzzy memories. I don't want it to be like this. If you really ask me about whether my impression towards a country is good or bad, you'll know just by asking if I "want to go again"; of course, it also depends on whether the audiences would want to see Arashi again or not. I hope we can hold concerts that would make everyone say "I hope Arashi will come back once again."

My impressions are that the people in these three countries are all learning Japanese. All three countries. Because when they write letters to me, their Japanese are better than mine, and their kanji are written more nicely than mine too. Japanese is really hard. How is it hard? Because everyone's learned Japanese, but there isn't a lot of situations for them to use. Even if everyone's working really hard to learn, there are very few chances for them to actually use it! I'm just talking based on my impressions though (laugh). I'm very happy that everyone is learning Japanese on purpose. Everyone's been waiting for us, so we can't not go. It feels like we've made everybody wait for too long! Isn't that the same as going out on a date? It's still passable if you're an hour late, but we've been late for 7 years (laugh). Everyone might be thinking, "How many more years are they planning to make us wait?" Our beloved fans, we've really made you wait too long, so please fully enjoy yourselves with us at the concerts.
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