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[Arashi] The Television Monthly - Gekkan Arashi No. 061 (Aiba, Nino)

In a magazine called The Television Monthly, Arashi has a regular feature article in it called Gekkan Arashi, in which two members would do some kind of activity together, and have a brief cross-talk. The most recent one was Aiba and Nino's, and they went shopping at a Toys 'R' Us store. Their talk was short, but very cute. I translated this really quickly though, so I apologize for any awkward grammar and what have you. Enjoy!


The Television Monthly - Gekkan Arashi No. 061

Aiba: That was fun! ♥
Nino: It was really fun! Isn't this a pretty good plan? Toys 'R' Us is awesome. No matter how old you get you would still like toys.
Aiba: Really awesome. It's because I'm your partner, that's why you chose Toys 'R' Us for me, right?
Nino: Eh, ah, maa~
Aiba: That's why, right?
Nino: Ye... yeah~ (shy)
Aiba: We go to toy stores pretty often during both work and in private, ne. The two of us went on my birthday too. You said it was because my birthday that I get to choose what I like. I think you bought three things for me, didn't you?
Nino: Yes yes, that's right. It's a really good thing we came across helicopters today. It was a good haul. The remote-controlled helicopters from our generation used to cost tens of thousands of yen, didn't they?
Aiba: Right right! The kind that would instantly break if you drop them on the ground. And yet you'd still want the same kinds of toys (laugh). But the moment that Nino had the Doraemon one with takekoputa for propellors in his hands, he looked even happier.
Nino: You don't see this kind of Doraemon very often. It's really rare.
Aiba: That's true!
Nino: (still looking at the Doraemon) So cute~ ♥ This one, I won't fly it because I don't want to break it. It's going to be for decoration. Ah, right right. At the end, we both bought those Dragonball mini toys that they put in front of the cash registers, right? [T/N: the kinds that come in a plastic egg-like outer shell]
Aiba: I tossed it into the shopping cart without thinking. We're both from the Dragonball generation, that's why.
Nino: Lately, I don't think much before buying this kind of thing. The mini toys or whatever, I buy them really easily.
Aiba: And you couldn't buy them when you were small.
Nino: Even buying just one 20 yen card was really tough when I was small.
Aiba: Right right. And mini 4x4s were popular at the time too. So nostalgic.
(as they speak, the two of them opened the mini toys that they had just bought)
Nino: It's the same toy inside for us both. There's clearly several different kinds, and yet we both ended up choosing the same one.
Aiba: We're very compatible, ne (laugh)
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