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[Arashi & NEWS] anan - Cross talk (Nino x Pi) - 10/2006

Haven't translated anything lately, so I thought I'd toss out something quick and short before I go home for the weekend. This is the talk between Nino and Yamapi from the October issue of anan. It's pretty cute, so I hope you enjoyed reading :3

Feel free to leave comments or whatever!


anan - Cross talk - 10/2006
Ninomiya Kazunari x Yamashita Tomohisa

Nino: I can still remember the first time I saw Yamapi. You couldn't perform because of a bone fracture, yet you especially came to watch the filming for the show. This is a really conscientious child, I thought to myself at the time.
Yamapi: So nostalgic! When I was a Jr., I often went home together with Arashi's Aiba-kun, ne. And I've slept over at Ninomiya-kun's house once. Because in my eyes Ninomiya-kun is a dai-senpai, that's why when it was decided for us to act in the drama "STAND UP!!" three years ago, I was very happy.
Nino: At the time the people at the jimusho said to me, "You're a senpai so you have to take care of him," like that. So I decided, "I'll be the one to protect Yamapi!", but how was I to know you're even more mature than me...
Yamapi: Please don't say these kinds of things! (laugh) But that drama left a lot of very profound memories.
Nino: Yamapi even cried when the filming for the last scene was over.
Yamapi: Right. Even though I do that very rarely. The happiness at the scene of the filming, and then to have to part with everyone, it felt very lonesome...
Nino: But since then Yamapi's already become someone who never loses around here...
Yamapi: Those are song lyrics. (laugh) [T/N: jimoto ja make shirazu = around here we never lose, which are lyrics from Seishun Amigo XD]
Nino: Recently when I was eating with a male friend, we started discussing the topic of "how to become popular", and mentioned that right now the most popular person is Yamapi, so I gave you a call.
Yamapi: I couldn't pick up immediately at the time...
Nino: Right! You didn't pick up immediately and finally called back 30 minutes after. This is the act of a popular man, ne. Everyone came to an understanding.
Yamapi: Because Ninomiya-kun often makes odd phone calls to me.
Nino: To see each other in person like this is actually a very rare occurence.
Yamapi: Right. That's why I really am very happy today. Because I really respect Ninomiya-kun (laugh).
Nino: You're saying those kinds of things again. Even though you were clearly saying something about holding a senorita~
Yamapi: I already said those are lyrics! (laugh) [T/N: daite senorita = hold me senorita, which is from Pi's solo single of the same title]
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