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[Arashi] Popolo - Ninomiya Kazunari - 02/2007
I'm... almost an hour over, but here's a belated Christmas present to you all! Nino's marriage checklist and privileges for his wife-to-be. I only have Nino's, so I can't translate the other guys', sorry ^^; Hope this was okay anyway!

Comments appreciated, as always; enjoy!


Popolo - Ninomiya Kazunari - 02/2007

"My wife, feel free to praise me all you like!"

Marriage Partner Criteria Checklist 20:

01. You are female.
02. You are 16 or older.
03. You can speak Japanese.
04. You have a job.
05. You won't say things like, "It's time to go to work, isn't it?"
06. You won't complain even if I'm not at home.
07. You can live downtown with me.
08. You won't insist on a multi-generation household.
09. You have a high tolerance.
10. You'd let me play my games.
11. You hate travelling.
12. You have your own hobbies and specialties.
13. You aren't too shy.
14. You don't want to have a complete grasp of my schedule.
15. You can understand my jokes.
16. You don't have too many friends.
17. You don't own evening wear.
18. You own lucky underwear.
19. You praise me.
20. You like me.

Diagnostic Result: Your marriage compatibility with Ninomiya Kazunari is?

0~5 - Marriage compatibility 25% - Our relationship is probably still developing.
6~10 - Marriage compatibility 50% - Looks like we can become really good friends.
13~19 - Marriage compatibility 75% - You have lots of qualities that might make you a good candidate as a lover.
20 - Marriage compatibility 100% - If we meet, maybe we really will get married?!

"If you marry me, you can have the following privileges!"

1. I won't go anywhere
So what? You who are thinking this way, please think about it carefully. Not going anywhere would mean the time we spend alone together will be packed full. There probably isn't a better privilege than this one.

2. I won't let you feel discontented
Because you have the privilege of me "not going anywhere", outside of the occasional dinner with friends, I absolutely won't run wild. That's why, my wife won't have dissatisfactions such as "my husband is always out having fun"!

3. You will have your own personal space
When I'm playing my video games, my wife can do whatever she wants. This is probably the best, right? I've heard before that after marrying it seems like you don't have time to yourself anymore, but being my wife will come with lots of freedom (laugh).

4. You can tuck me in
Such a rare form of privilege. In any case, I'm that type that can fall asleep very quickly, so my wife can do things like pull the covers over me and tuck me in. See, you can bring your motherly instincts into play, right? (laugh)

5. Johnny's to the brim
Anyhow, I do count as a member of Johnny's too. If we marry, I'd imagine you would know a lot of Johnny's information too. And in addition, the possibility of seeing the other members of Arashi at least once every week is also very high (laugh).

"The most important criteria is 'liking'"

The criteria that will not change under any circumstances are: I am a guy, so the partner must be 'female', and must reach the minimum age of marriage, so '16 or older'. Also, to be able to communicate she will 'have to speak Japanese', these three. These are the most basic important criteria. And I'll mention this too: if you can speak Japanese, it doesn't matter what your nationality is.

And then, my wife will probably be happier if she has her own job. If she becomes a professional housewife she will only be taking care of me, and it seems like she would have to endure a lot of stress. Getting "I'm not your mother!" yelled at, an experience like this is probably best to just happen in dramas (bitter laugh). And I thought I'd just say this: there are periods in my job when I'm very very busy, but there are also times when I'm very free, so please don't make a face and say things like "It's probably about time for you to go do some work too now, isn't it?" during those times.

As for video games I like playing on my own, so it's not a must for you to have an interest in it. You just have to let me play, and that would be enough. Also, I don't really like travelling much, so a partner who hates travelling would be a bit better. For someone who likes travelling to have to tolerate it in order to be with me, this will bring about stress again, wouldn't it? And when we talk about not travelling, it goes for loud, boisterous places like parties too. That's why people who own evening wear for the purposes of going to places like these will probably not be compatible with me.

Well, outside of the criteria listed this time there are probably 120 or so more, but the most important one is - as expected - to 'like me'. "No matter what they say, you're still the best" If it's someone who won't say these kinds of things to me, I won't marry her.

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wow,i like his criteria.and thanks to this,we get to know his girl type! seeing the Arashi members at least once a week..i'd love that!this is awesome for Nino fans.thanks =D

WOOOAAH thanks so much for this!! I'm gonna post this on my LJ (of cuz with credits) and see how I match up to my baby's criteria hehe ^^

the priviledges part is so funny *lol* "you can tuck me in"??! haha ok fine, actually i do see that as somewhat a priviledge...

lol~ i bet nino has thought about the priviledge nice and long na~ keke~ he's very sweet~ but unfortunately, i can't stay in one place~ i LOVE to travel~ nino ... i'm sorry... but jun.. he wanted to travel outer space... that's a little bit TOO OVER for me too~ XDD

OMG! Nino the perfect Idol Husband for ME!
i'm actually grinning from ear to ear reading this.
Thanks! ^__________^
I want to post this up at my vox or lj if you don't mind..
hmmm...will be waiting for Sho's next :p

Johnny's to the brim

LOL! Nino's previleges are the best.

Thanks :D funny..Nino is really weird, I don't think I meet his terms though...LOL...but I want to meet arashi at least onece a week!

his type coincides with mine!! O_O ok about 75% anyway, since i like travelling (only to certain places) and shy pple arent bad. still, it's good to know that he's practical.

Nino ~~ i want to have those previllages !!
but i can't speak japanesse though .. lol
and the header "My wife, feel free to praise me all you like!"
he love to be praised ne ? and he loves to praise himself too

XD thanks for translating it was intertaining XDDD
I think if someone marries him and likes to travel they can just travel when he's too busy to be there anyway xDDDDDD
Nino's so cute XD

Haha thank you very much for this translation...Nino is sooo strange lol..look at his "privileges"...But we like him this way ne ^__~?

thanks for translating. wow now i want to marry nino even more.

He's so funny, thanks for translating!

Thank you for the translation.


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