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[V6/various Johnny's] Myojo - Okada Junichi - 10/2008

inutweak linked me to this gem of an article that I had no idea existed, and I just couldn't resist translating it. :3 It took longer as I translated directly from Japanese, and there are also spots here and there I'm not 100% positive about, but I hope you guys enjoyed reading anyway. In this article, Okada answered various questions from friends and kouhai in KinKi Kids, Arashi, Kanjani8, NEWS, KAT-TUN, Hey! Say! JUMP, and Johnny's Jr. It's a pretty interesting read!

(You can find the original scans here at v6_unlimited; it's a locked community though, so be sure to join first!)


Myojo - Okada Junichi - 10/2008

From "the Neighbors" to Okada:

We kind of want to know
About you, about this.

We've collected a number of friends and kouhai in Johnny's who's got "something we kind of want to know!" about Okada. From role characterization to hobbies, to reincarnation? Miscellaneous and tricky questions abound. Now, how will Okada respond to them?

Q. Has the swelling on your forehead gone down yet?
(Domoto Tsuyoshi, KinKi Kids)

A. It hasn't gone down yet. It was hit hard by an object...

Q. Does Okada-kun have anything he wants to study at the present? We've collaborated in a CM before [T/N: a Coca Cola commercial from 2003] and during the filming for it, Okada-kun said "I want to study~" at the time; it left a deep impression on me. Okada-kun's style of work and such, because I'm also looking forward to it, I would like to know what kind of hobbies you have right now.
(Yamashita Tomohisa, NEWS)

A. Did I say something like that? Right now, that's right~ it would be architecture~ Regardless of Eastern or Western, I kind of want to research things like types of architecture from the past. It's fun. Yamapi's a good kid, aren't you? I like. Ah, this isn't a confession by the way. (laugh)

Q. Among the staff I spoke to in a drama I was in, there was a person there who has worked with Okada-kun before. When I spoke with this person, "Compared to Okada-kun you've still got a ways to go", he said something like this to me..... Well, I do feel a little regretful (laugh). Now, the question for Okada-kun! Just what should I do to win against Okada-kun?
(Nishikido Ryo, NEWS/Kanjani8)

A. Assuming that there isn't anything you really wanted to say when you were told to "Ask something about me", you're still paying attention to what I have to say, aren't you? (laugh) Sorry. Nishikido, I like Nishikido's face. I wanted to have a face like that. Ah, this isn't a confession either by the way.

Q. Has Okada-kun ever thought about the meaning or purpose behind why you were born in this world? I kind of believe that when people die they will be reborn as someone else in a reincarnation process, and every so often I'd think about something like that. Is there anything that Okada thinks about? If there is, please tell me what your thought process is like when you do.
(Maruyama Ryuhei, Kanjani8)

A. I often think about the significance behind doing this line of work. "For Japanese films, I want to do better in them for the purpose of forming a better foundation for them.", I've had thoughts like that. Maybe this was why I was born, to live on with this kind of great cause. But, since I am a type B Scorpio, it might just be that I am a man who doesn't want his happiness to be determined by anyone but himself, and would do whatever he likes (laugh). As for reincarnation, I've read about it in many books. And the result of my readings... no matter how many people say that spirits make up the future, a human being, to me-- right now, I am the only one who is existing here. After all, there is nothing else except "now". That is the simple conclusion I've come up with.

Q. Ever year, we only see each other at the end-of-year countdowns or so, don't we? Speaking of which, at the event last year, you took the keyholder and house key I wore at my waist when I wasn't looking and hid it (laugh). Why did you do that? Or should I say, do you remember that?
(Yokoyama Yu, Kanjani8)

A. No, I don't remember it at all (laugh). Or should I say, besides saying let's play Monster Hunter in Yokoyama's dressing room at Countdown, I don't remember anything else. "If we do it then let's go to Okada-kun's place", right? I see... then, I will take your keyholder this year too.

Q. The talk about buying a house in Kisarazu, just what happened to it? During "Kisarazu Cat's Eye ~World Series~", "With the five of us going around aimlessly, playing instruments, making a racket; if we can do it then let's rent a place and create a real "Yakyuukyou no Uta" [T/N: Song of the Baseball Enthusiasts]!", "Should we talk to a real estate agent about this?", though things were said to that point, after that, just what happened to it...? Because Bussan is the leader, if you've already got a place, please tell us quickly!
(Sakurai Sho, Arashi)

A. Whaaat are you talking about. You're the busy one, that's why we couldn't get in touch. You're all busy, all of you. By the way, I've already bought the furniture... of couuuurse not. But I did look into it, the house lots. I've got a place in mind. It's just that "Is this really okay?", since you guys haven't seen it yet. If you want to see it then let's meet up.

Q. Come to think of it, about two years ago, we exchanged email addresses didn't we? A while ago, out of the prizes at "Tokyo Friends Park 2", I saw that you won a large tool set from there. I also really like to make things, so although I'm a little envious of you, have you done any carpentry recently?
(Ohno Satoshi, Arashi)

A. Nn. I haven't made things, but I've done some painting, and I do use the large tool set that I won. That's right, this time come over and draw something on my staircase. [T/N: Um... except Okada's got a one-floor apartment. XD]

Q. Okada-kun, hello. This is Shibutani Subaru. Have you been well since the year-end countdown? Our hometowns can be called neighboring cities, but even though we live fairly close to one another, we don't really come in contact much, do we. It's a shame. But, I do take notice of Okada-kun. Like "How much savings does he have?", or "What kind of car does he drive?", that kind of thing. Because we're from the same generation, I notice you no ma~tter what. In this area-- eh, it's difficult to say? Ah~ I see. That's true. Then, let's proceed to the next question? "What places do you like in Osaka?" It's a question that would shrink the distance between us, don't you think? Which place does Okada-kun take notice of? By the way, mine would be the Yodogawa River. It's got dry riverbanks that you can go escape to for some peace. I can't get enough of it when the sun sets. The water surface sparkles with the evening sun reflected on it, it's so beautiful that I don't get sick of it even if I keep staring at it. If it's the Okada-kun who was also born in Osaka, you would definitely understand, right?
(Shibutani Subaru, Kanjani8)

A. I also like Yodogawa, I like it. I understand, I understand. It passes through near where I live, so I'm very familiar with it. The riverbanks are really nice, aren't they. Then, this time, should we go to Yodogawa? We can watch the sparkling sunset. Though it'd be two guys together (laugh).

Q. My meeting with Okada-kun is something I cannot forget. That was at the toilets when we appeared on FNS together. Under a circumstance where we were both using the washroom together, I greeted you (laugh). Because I had just joined NEWS, "You're Tegoshi-kun from NEWS, aren't you! I also debuted really soon after joining the jimusho. I understand that there are so many experienced people around you that catching up with them will be very difficult for you, so do your best." you said these gentle words to the super nervous me. I'm really grateful! To such a gentle daisenpai Okada-kun, my question has to do with forming the characterization for your drama roles. Not only does Okada-kun give a solid performance in the role of your character, you're able to keep a firm sense of self at the same time. I think that is really amazing. Please let me know if you have any pointers.
(Tegoshi Yuuya, NEWS)

Q. Everyone in my family grew addicted to your drama "SP", and we've watched the entire series! The role was that of a really really excellent person, you were super cool. When we were together in an volleyball program a while ago, Okada-kun spoke to me about the drama "Tantei Gakuen Q" which I had starred in, I was really happy about that. In that drama, the role I played was that of a cool person; outside of that for some reason I also play a large amount of characters who have cold personalities. Because there is too much of a gap between that and my own self, I always worry about my acting. When Okada-kun acts in the role of a cool character like in "SP", how do you form the characterization for that? Please teach me.
(Yamada Ryosuke, Hey! Say! JUMP)

A. I heard from people that Tegoshi-kun's circumstances were pretty similar to those of mine when I first joined Johnny's, so I thought I'd talk to you about it if we met. Then, that happened in the washroom (laugh). Then, characterization, huh. I get very serious about it. In everything that I act in, something that I absolutely have to do is place the production above myself in terms of importance. After that, it would be fine as long as you read the script carefully. If you read the script, you will understand the composition; if you understand the composition, you will be able to see how you should shape your role. What's important is the production. More so than yourself, it's the production. Though you might think "I want to stand out!", you don't actually stand out much.... (laugh) You need to be in this frame of mind. And then, even if you think about many things like this or that, forgetting that you're on the actual scene is also important. Nn, yes.

Q. My mom became a big fan of Okada-kun after watching "SP", and recently even saw you in her dreams (laugh). Not that it's a flaw, but because I've never seen Okada-kun as anything other than cool, have there been times where you think of yourself as "loser!", or things you've done or said that made someone burst out laughing?
(Nakajima Yuto, Hey! Say! JUMP)

A. Wahaha. How gloomy do you think of me as... (laugh). If you were in my house for one hour, you would definitely understand that "Okada's a loser...". And there's more, in the nude ♪ Po~nyo ♪ Po~nyo ponyo... Okada no ko ♥ --like that, I'd dance around sometimes. I'm totally not cool at all. I'm full of flaws.

Q. I've forgotten when this happened, maybe it was during New Year's? We talked about kickboxing, and I had felt reaaally close to Okada-kun. You're tough, and you're cool. Then, here is my question. Have you done any martial arts recently? I happened to hear that from someone, that you've started a new martial arts or something like that. I'm very, very interested in that, so please let me know. Though we're not in a match, but, I still respect you.
(Ueda Tatsuya, KAT-TUN)

A. I've been doing that. It's a form of martial arts originating from the Philipines called Kali, and it seems to have been used in action movies in America since some years ago. An extremely lethal type of martial arts to put into practice where you aim for the carotid artery! It's something like that. If you want me to teach you feel free to let me know. Then, is Ueda aspiring to become a pro?

Q. Hey. This is Ikuta Toma. Though we've never worked together before and don't come in contact at all, I know a looot about you, and there is an impression of you as someone who is rather philosophical. And, when it comes to Okada-kun, you seem to have an image of wearing newsboy caps; when did you start wearing newsboy caps? Is there something about them that you like?
(Ikuta Toma, Johnny's Jr.)

A. (points at the hat he is wearing today) Sorry, this isn't the newsboy cap that I'm so into (laugh). I like hats. Because I don't wear accessories, wearing things like hats is... above all, to be honest, it's to hide my bed hair. You don't really want to hear about my hair though. Anyway, that's why hats are a necessity.

Q. Um, how should I... is this alright? I want to be closer to Okada-kun, but on top of having little interaction together I'm also very shy, so even when I get a rare opportunity to speak with you I can't say anything other than "Ah... yes..." Sorry. I don't know what I should do. The only things I have in common with Okada-kun is that we're both type B Scorpios, but are you a bit of an eccentric like I thought? I've been abnormal since I was seven years old.
(Tanaka Koki, KAT-TUN)

A. I've heard about Koki being abnormal from here and there (laugh). We're both type B Scorpios, so that kind of thing is unavoidable. In other words, it's not our fault (laugh). But, it's true that when I say "How are you?" you wouldn't say anything other than "Ah... yes". Try to reply more and more to greetings. Add more pressure (laugh). Then, I will work hard to greet you more and more.
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