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[Kanjani8] Wink Up cross talk - Uchi x Yoko - 08/2003

I was flipping through my old magazines looking for interesting things to translate, and this particular talk caught my eye... because Yoko mentioned Aiba somewhere in the middle of the talk. XD So on the heels of Yoko finally appearing in Arashizm with Aiba, have another bit of random cross-fandom goodness! Their friendship really did span over the years, it's very cute. ♥

Comments are always welcome, and enjoy!


Wink Up cross talk - Uchi x Yoko - 08/2003

By the way recently how?
[T/N: This is really how the title was printed in the magazine. >>]

From the members of Kansai Jrs., we once again bring you a new combination~ With "Let's start over again..." as a conversation opener... they head towards a direction no one had expected!?

Yokoyama: We've been hanging out a lot in private lately, because we live very close. And we just discovered that last year, it gave me a shock.
Uchi: It takes about five minutes to bike~ there's a video rental store that we both go to in the middle too, smack in the middle. But it's always me who has to go over and pick Yoko up.
Y: But if you don't pass by my house you won't be able to get to the station, right? It's just on the way.
U: But you even make me wait for you.
Y: (matter-of-factly) Because I have no sense of time.
U: So people who don't know that I get to work with Yoko might think I don't have any sense of time either.
Y: That can't be helped though.
U: Yoko is very slow when we eat together too. He really takes his time.
Y: You're the one who rushes too much. Didn't I say to you "Don't rush, don't rush"? But we really do eat out a lot together lately! Speaking of which, I've met Uchi's parents!
U: You spoke very naturally with my dad!
Y: Yeah, and there's our Wakayama plan too!
U: That's the trip my grandmother's family, the Uchi family and Yoko planned to go together in September after our concerts!
Y: Ossan (note: Uchi's father) even said "Come with us!" It's so easy to talk with your family~ we get along very well, just like with Aiba (Masaki)'s family. Speaking of which, you and Aiba are both AB types!
U: My entire family is AB type! (proud)
Y: That's not important! But I might talk with your family even more than I talk to mine. That's how well we get along.
U: My family really is very close. If there's ever an argument, someone only has to say "I'm sorry" and they'd be smiling immediately. My parents make up really quickly even if they do fight too~ my dad would rub my mom's shoulders and say "Forgive me~" and they'd make up.
(Subaru picks up Yokoyama's sunglasses. "What is this? It's cool~")
Y: (to Subaru) Isn't it? Isn't it? It really matches me, this thing! (...walking over to the mirror as he speaks)
U: Yoko, we're talking right now! We're only halfway done!
Y: Oh, right! But before we go to Wakayama we've got concerts! You need to be more careful this year, last year got pretty serious.
U: Shochikuza [T/N: Osaka Shochikuza is a venue at which they used to perform in.] is really scary.
Y: I have no idea what you're talking about.
U: I hurt my left foot, and two other staff members hurt their left feet too.
Y: You're saying your injury was Shochikuza's fault?
U: Right! They definitely have (spirits). That's why there were two other people besides me with the same left foot injury. Like... the heel, and stuff. (laugh) And then last winter I was really scared too, because at the same time when we went to Shochikuza I came down with the flu.
Y: That was your own health issues!
U: It totally isn't. There's something scary there! There's definitely some kind of spirit there that hates me!
Y: I told you, it's your own health issues!
U: It's not, it's not! (muttering)
Y: No idea what you're thinking.
U: Then let me talk about something with you too. When we're shopping together, please hurry up a bit, you fuss too much.
Y: Fuss about what?
U: Like when you're picking out clothes.
Y: That's not it, it's because I'm very cheap, not just because I'm fussy! (laugh) Because even if I buy it I'd go "This doesn't work!" and return it.
U: Please look at it from the point of view of the person going with you.
Y: But fussing about it is very fun, I won't change! (laugh)
U: You happily fuss about it?
Y: I do try to match Uchi's pace though!
U: Really? I can't tell.
Y: That's because I'm older than you...
U: (facing the sunglasses-clad Yokoyama) Alright. Then I will respectfully request you to take some responsibility.
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