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[Arashi] TV Guide 04/04-10/2009 - King of Arashi-chan
To make up for the lack of translations over the past two weeks, have a bonus little article from the recent issue of TV Guide, where Arashi gives each other "King of" titles based on past Himitsu no Arashi-chan episodes.

Comments are always loved; enjoy!


TV Guide 04/04-10/2009 - King of Arashi-chan

Chosen by the members!
Who will it be!?

Who shines in which aspect after watching the show? The members have decided on who the "kings" will be together!

Ninomiya: Then, let's start with the "King of Location Shoots".
Sakurai: Just as expected, wouldn't that be Aiba-kun?
Aiba: That would definitely be me, because I always get hyper when I go on location shoots~!!
Matsumoto: You would totally be having fun (laugh).
Sakurai: You'd just eat onigiri like it's nothing out of the ordinary. (laugh)
Ninomiya: Everything about Aiba-kun would have a "trip-like atmosphere". Then it's decided that Aiba-san would be the "King of Location Shoots"!
Matsumoto: Okay, next. Who would be the "King of Comments"?
Sakurai: If we're talking about "the explosive power of a single sentence", maybe Leader would be the king?
Aiba: He pops in with unexpected things out of the blue.
Ninomiya: In places where no one cares (laugh).
Matsumoto: Then the "King of Comments" is Ohno-san!! Next... Who would be the "King of Reactions"?
Ninomiya: Just as expected, wouldn't that be Aiba-san too?
Aiba: I even broke my chair during filming. (laugh)
Ohno: That was a shock...
Aiba: With a loud crack. I guess it was probably because my reaction was too big that it broke?
Ninomiya: That's right!! So it's "Aiba-san: the King of Reactions who even broke his chair".
Sakurai: Then, who would be the "King whom you can't take your eyes off of"?
Matsumoto: (looking through the file of "Arashibin!!" back issues) Leader, you're really dark!!
Everyone: (crowds around together) Oohh!!
Ninomiya: Ohno-san was too tanned, wasn't he?
Aiba: (looking) You can't take your eyes off of this.
Matsumoto: Right~!? If you take your eyes off him he'll immediately get a suntan!! (laugh)
Ohno: When I was getting suntanned I didn't notice that I was "dark" though...
Ninomiya: You're the only one who didn't notice!!
Ohno: Now that I'm looking at the pictures I finally understand.
Sakurai: So the "King whom you can't take your eyes off of" is decided then (laugh).
Aiba: Then conversely, what kind of king would Sho-chan be?
Matsumoto: Lately, there's been quite a few people around me saying "Sho-kun is interesting".
Sakurai: But I'm not aiming for that kind of assessment (tear).
Ninomiya: Isn't it better than being called "boring"? Sho-kun's the "Interesting King"!
Sakurai: Then I'll be happy about it!! What about Nino?
Ninomiya: I'd be the king of magic right~ Totally.
Ohno: You first announced it on the show too. What about MatsuJun?
Sakurai: Wouldn't it be that thing, the "Goblin shark".
Matsumoto: Goblin Shark King?
Sakurai: MatsuJun's way of stirring up excitement was really amazing during that location shoot!!
Ninomiya: "The goblin's here! The goblin's here!", like that (laugh).
Matsumoto: ...because you don't usually get to catch it (shy).
Ninomiya: Then it's decided that Matsumoto-san would be the "King of Excitement Up"!!

ahhh~ they're so cute! Thanks!

Thanks for translating this!!!! ^__^

Hehehe...I love conversation interviews fort the guys! So fun! ^^ Thanks for tranlsating!

so cute!
thank you for translating.

What conversation with these 5 isn't fun??

"the explosive power of a single sentence" - that is forever and ever Ohno.

these boys crack me up XDD

ah so cute~ aiba and ohno each got two~ haha..thanks for the translation~XD

So cute <333 Aiba's tension is a very special thing XD Thanks for the translation~ <3

lol I love the titles they gave everyone =D thank you!

Too cute for words. Thank you for sharing!

Thanks for the translation :D

Aww, these boys are so sweet, they make sure each of them have at least one "king title" :D

Ohno should be kng of black seriously lol

thanks for sharing~!


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