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[Arashi] Pia - 08/27/2009 (1/6)
Here is the first part to Arashi's long, long article in Pia (for those who don't know, it's a different magazine from TV Pia, and generally covers more serious topics), basically a comprehensive look at Arashi not only through the ten years they've been together as a group, but extending all the way back to their births as well. It's a wonderful and very insightful article, and I highly recommend everyone to read it :)

Comments are always appreciated; enjoy!

1980-1984 | 1985-1989 | 1990-1994 | 1995-1999 | 2000-2004 | 2005-2009

Pia - 08/27/2009 (1/6)

And then, we became Arashi.
ARASHI STORY 1980-2009

Arashi has, fairly and squarely, established a 'neo standard' for idols. Nevertheless, the attraction of that 'neo' in itself is deeply complicated. Simply looking at the ten year period since their formation itself when taking in their history as a whole gives off a feeling of insufficiency, and that is the reason why. From there, we've summarized an interview divided up between five people for a total of seven hours, and compiled an "Arashi picture scroll" that covers the 30 year period since the birth of its members.

The birth of its members across the Kanto region
The budding tale of Arashi

"I've always been healthy ever since I was born. I looked like a girl when I was a baby, and looked just like my older sister. We don't look alike anymore after growing older though. I went to both kindergarten and nursery school. I flipped people's skirts up a lot (laugh)" - Ohno

What do you, the readers, think of when you hear of the year 1980? Moscow Olympics. The big hit that was Rubik's Cube. The manzai boom. In Harajuku, it was the Takenoko-zoku. Tahara Toshihiko and Kondo Masahiko, Matsuda Seiko, this was also the year when many made their debuts in a large idol boom.

On November 26th of that year (1980, Showa 55), at 9:07 in the morning according to the person himself, the first cries of a male child rose in a certain city in the metropolitan area. The name was Ohno Satoshi, a person who will eventually become Arashi's leader. This child who "was born with the umbilical cord wrapped around my neck" landed safely at the starting line of life.

After more than a year had passed since then, in January of 1982, Sakurai Sho, the second member of Arashi, was born. "I was born at 1:25 on January 25th, apparently. I was the first child amongst our relatives, so I was loved by everyone. I've got a ton of photos too."

As that blessed baby welcomed the eleventh month since his birth, a star fell into the Chiba prefecture this time. A school year behind despite being born in the same year as Sakurai, Aiba Masaki was born on December 24th. With the opening of a Chinese cuisine restaurant and both parents busy working, he grew up in his grandparents' home from shortly after birth until he was 4 years old. "I saw my first movie ever with my grandma, and I watched my first baseball match with my grandpa. I watched the same things my grandpa watched on TV too. Things like sumo and Mito Koumon."

The remaining two were born one after another in the following year of 1983. Both were born in the same year in Tokyo, with the same blood type. Ninomiya Kazunari on June 17th, followed by Matsumoto Jun on August 30th, we did not hear any stories of their births from the two of them. "I have no interest in it, so I never asked about it (laugh). Speaking of which, I didn't know about the origin of the name 'Kazunari' either. Ah, but because the place where I lived all had girls, my grandpa who worked at the factory seemed really happy that 'we've got a successor'." (Ninomiya) "It was the same year as the Tokyo Disneyland and the famicom. They were both things that seemed common to me for as long as I could remember." (Matsumoto)

Save for the fact that all the members are the oldest sons (Ohno, Ninomiya and Matsumoto have older sisters), these five kids who differ in both environments and personalities came into the world here and there across the Kanto region.

On the weekends when both parents are home, background music would always be playing in the Ohno household. "Apparently, I've been listening to music even when I was still in the womb. Regardless of whether it was Japanese music or Western music, I heard everything except for enka. My parents' tastes in music are pretty similar, so my dad didn't particularly object to it."

Compared to Ohno, who absorbed the nutrients of all sorts of music as he grew up, Ninomiya spoke of a contrasting childhood. "The first music I listened to... wasn't it the Carpenters? It feels like my mom listened to it in the car a lot. And maybe QUEEN. But I didn't really listen to music outside of the car, because it was a family where 'cooking' was more important than 'music'." Like Aiba's parents, it appears that Ninomiya's parents were also chefs. "So I wasn't all that familiar with music."

When we sought the oldest memories from Sakurai, "Though in the city, there was actually quite a lot of greenery near my home, so I would go crayfish fishing with my father, or cicada hunting. I've got a pretty deep impression of playing outside.", the appearance of a cute, energetic child comes to mind.

Speaking of cute, there was a boy who often cried as well. "When our relatives gathered together every year during New Year's to bid farewell to the previous year, we'd always start off playing like usual, but halfway through I'd always start crying. I was the youngest after all." (Matsumoto)

Aiba's memories of his childhood were festivals. He who had, even after growing up, acted as one of the carriers of the mikoshi into the recent years, spoke happily of it: "Ever since I was young, I would wear the happi, even put on proper make up, and participate."

These five people connected by an unseen fate grew up quickly while remaining completely ignorant of each others' existence. In 1984, Ohno as the oldest was 4 years old, and Matsumoto as the youngest was 1 year old. They were headed for a meeting within the bubble state of society at full speed.

sugoi! thank you for translating this! will look forward to the rest ^^

thanks for translating :)
sho's birthday same as mine xD

thank you!
its very interesting to hear them talk about their births and childhoods

i haven't read this yet thank you for translating and sharing this....
im so looking forward to reading this and the rest ^_^

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wow. i never even knew at what time oh-chan was born!
this article looks so awesome.
and i was deeply touched at how they started not only when arashi debuted, but at the time when their life has started! i love how they also included the background of their families.
really, thank you so much for sharing this one! ^^

Jun was a cry baby... lol.. It's fun to read about their childhood time and it's written very well like a fairy tale ^^

This is actually really interesting.

Will look forward for next parts ^^

Thank you

thanks for translating~! thats amazing~! XD (i like the language of it...) XD

thanks again ^_^

oh wow, Pia is going REALLY in depth... right from their births, sounds like it's gonna be an amazing article already.

thank you sooo much for taking your time to translate this!

thank you so much for sharing! ♥

thank you for translating.
can't wait for the next part.....

Uwah, such an interesting read! It's like...fate/destiny the way it's written. xD Thanks so much for translation, I'll be patiently awaiting the other parts!

Thanks for taking the time to translate and share!
I enjoyed reading this part and can't wait for the following parts. :)

This is a fascinating article. I truly look forward to the rest. Thanks so much!

wahhh im getting curious bout dis article now......thanx 4 sharing...


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