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in other words...

Translations by Hwen and Amy

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about us

This is a strictly-public journal shared by shy_hinata and acidae to house the various translations that we do. They are all unlocked and open to perusal, but we do occasionally post here without cross-posting to related communities, so feel free to add us if you like!

For past translations, you can find them in their proper categories in our memories, tags, or you can choose to browse through the entries yourself. Please take a quick moment to read through our rules and disclaimers, and thanks for dropping by!

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Name: Amy
Personal LJ: acidae
Other notes: JLPT N1 certification (2011), Level 2 certification (2010)

Name: Hwen
Personal LJ: shy_hinata
Other notes: Tenimyu (actors' diaries, etc. -- kitty icon), Jpop from magazines or other Japanese media (Mulan icon)

IMPORTANT: Hwen is currently on indefinite hiatus due to real life matters, including the birth of a healthy baby boy. ♥

rules & disclaimers

✖ We put effort into these translations, so please do not steal them and claim them as your own!

✖ You may use our translations in the subbing of videos or translate them into another language as long as you give proper credit by providing a link back to this journal. It would be nice if you could inform us on where you will repost them to, or give us a heads up about what projects you plan to or have already finished, but not absolutely necessary.

✖ Do not repost our translations in full, even with credit. A paragraph or two of text is fine, but not the entire thing, please.

✖ Please do not make any alterations to the translations without our consent. They're worded a certain way for a reason, and if you don't even know what you're changing, you could misinterpret the meanings behind them and end up with something completely different from the original text.

✖ No profit whatsoever is made off of these translations; they are done purely for our own enjoyment, and others as well.

✖ Although we try to stick to the original wordings as closely as possible, there will always be meanings and connotations lost through the translation process. Therefore, we do not guarantee 100% accuracy in our translations.

If there is anything else that you're still unsure about after reading through everything, you are more than welcome to send us a PM or an email. :)

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